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Selma is a performance-driven and energetic professional with an exceptionally diverse and rich educational and professional background together with years of international experience in Coaching, Human Resources and Psychology. She graduated from Long Island University (USA) and Durham University (UK) with a Master of Science in Psychology. Prior to studying, Selma was a professional athlete and licensed professional tennis coach. She has been a leader of national teams in Bosnia Herzegovina and a university coach at Long Island and Durham University.

Selma originally started her career at a Wellness Centre in Long Island, USA in Training and Development; designing and delivering training to the staff and working with the sports department. It was in this position that Selma came to discover that her true passion in life lies in the training and development of people to reach and develop their full potential. Selma then accepted a position in HR with Rima Pak in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this role she was required to develop an HR department; starting with designing internal HR policies and procedures, ensuring all job descriptions were up-to-date and training the staff on how to conduct appraisals and complete Personal Learning Logs (PLL).

Selma then came to the UAE and joined a legal and consultancy firm in Dubai as an HR Executive where her main responsibility was to organise and conduct psychological, emotional intelligence and personality tests for all employees. This role was extremely challenging as it also required her to analyse the test results and provide feedback on the employees’ areas for development across the different levels in the organisation. Once this was achieved, training and coaching workshops were then designed and developed to ‘bridge the competency gap’.

With international experience in different industries, Selma has developed an ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to any work situation. Her exceptional interpersonal skills enabled her to integrate with her clients and to achieve great connection and outcome in training sessions. Education in psychology, passion for training and experience in coaching makes a great combination for an effective and performance enhancing training session. Her qualities as a professional tennis coach are seen in the training room where Selma brings the spirit of sports into organisation. She organises training sessions in effective, interesting, engaging and memorable ways. Some of her workshops to date have been Presenting with IMPACT, Train the Trainer, Self-development courses, Customer Service, Effective Planning and Organising, Teambuilding and Leadership, Business and Report Writing Skills, Time and Stress Management, Creativity and Innovation and Developing Human Resource Skills.

Selma ensures that each delegate receives the appropriate training and development aimed at their level of understanding. Her training room is very relaxed and organised where she feels people learn their best. She is delivering a range of quality courses for Safety and Security, Hospitality, Banking, Oil Companies and other major organisations, who strive to develop their people, at all levels, to achieve higher standards of performance, in addition to re-training key personnel.

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