Developing Competency Frameworks

What is a competency?

Within the context of professional organizations, it is a required behaviour within a job role.  A competence is referenced when describing a basic minimum level of job behaviour and a competency is understood to be a description of performance excellence.

What is a competency framework?

When considering the definitions above, a Competency Framework is a model that broadly defines the blueprint for ‘excellent’ performance within an organisation or sector.  Generally the framework will consist of a number of competencies, which can be generically applied to a broad number of roles within the organisation or sector.

Each competency defined must be relevant to the organisation or sector, and use clear language to associate it within the broader context of its placement.  For a competency framework to be successful, all employees must be able to understand what ‘excellent’ job behaviour looks like and how that has been defined within their roles, department and organization  This common understanding becomes the benchmark against which the performance of an individual, team, project, or the organization is assessed.

By defining the framework the organization is validating its objective of supporting excellence.  SELECT designs holistic competency frameworks embracing all positions and job levels within an organisation.  Furthermore, the framework is designed to support and underpin key business processes including (but not limited to):

  •       Effective recruitment and selection of new staff.
  •       Effective performance evaluation.
  •       Identification of skill gaps that result in professional training and development.
  •       Succession planning.

By defining the framework the organization is validating its objective of supporting excellence.

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