Teambuilding and Leadership Skills


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Successfully managing a cohesive, happy and high-performing team that consistently meets goals is in high demand.

As an effective leader, your followers must have trust in you and they need to follow your vision. The element of ‘trust’ has a huge impact on the power and influence of the leader and trust-building must be at the forefront of leadership training.

Delegates will be shown how to develop a more effective leadership style through the trust-leadership approach to leading and developing organizations. Those who practice Trust-Leadership measure every decision, every action, and every initiative against the goal of maximizing trust in themselves as leaders and the depth of trust within the organisation.


  • Learn to identify the different types of teams and develop different strategies for leading them
  • Recognise the different team development stages and behaviours
  • Master techniques to manage teams at each stage of development
  • Develop a range of great team building activities
  • Learn techniques to foster teamwork and create a supportive team culture
  • Learn how to develop a culture of trust
  • Discover how to create a work environment that fosters synergism and creativity within and between teams and individuals
  • Develop practices to develop trust from top to bottom in your organisation.
  • Revise how to communicate more responsively
  • Outline how to provide dependable feedback and keep your organisation grounded in reality
  • Create and maintain harmony within the team
  • Manage change effectively and create buy-in during the change process
  • Develop a high-performance attitude and team


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Define Success
  • What is a team?
  • Factors needed for success
  • Capabilities
  • Results
Stages of Team Development
  • Forming – as a leader, as a follower
  • Norming – as a leader, as a follower
  • Storming – as a leader, as a follower
  • Performing – as a leader, as a follower
Building Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Intent
  • Capabilities
  • Results
The 13 Behaviours of High-trust Leaders
  • Talk Straight
  • Demonstrate Respect
  • Create Transparency
  • Right Wrongs
  • Show Loyalty
  • Deliver Results
  • Get Better
  • Confront Reality
  • Clarify Expectation
  • Practice Accountability
  • Listen First
  • Keep Commitments
  • Extend Trust
The Process of Creating Trust
  • Conducting baseline measurements.
  • Framing trust in economic terms
  • Setting trust objectives
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Evaluating success
Methods of Gaining Trust
  • Gaining feedback
  • Taking responsibility
  • Advice and feedback
  • Coaching and counseling
  • Rewards and recognition
The 7 Cs
  • Communication
  • Consistency
  • Commitment
  • Consensus
  • Character
  • Candour
  • Caring

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