Microsoft Excel® – Advanced


May 30 to May 31 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register
June 27 to June 28 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register
September 23 to September 24 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
November 4 to November 5 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register
December 9 to December 10 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the client.


  • Explore outlines, range names, databases and the data form
  • Explore AutoFilter and advanced filters
  • Work with Data Series
  • Explore advanced functions
  • Modify charts
  • Scenarios and Goal Seek
  • Templates, data tables and solve problems
  • Use automatic formatting and styles
  • Work with views, consolidate worksheets
  • Create and revise PivotTables
  • Use, record and edit macros


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Creating and Revising PivotTables
  • Create a PivotTable Report
  • Add PivotTable Report Fields
  • Select a Report Filter Field Item
  • Refresh a PivotTable Report
  • Change the Summary Function
  • Add New Fields to a PivotTable Report
  • Move PivotTable Report Fields Use
  • Expand and Collapse Buttons
  • Hide/Unhide PivotTable Report Items
  • Delete PivotTable Report Fields
  • Create Report Filter Pages
  • Inserting and Using Slicers
  • Format a PivotTable Report
  • Create a PivotChart Report
  • Publish PivotTable Reports to the Web
  • Working with Tables
Using Range Names
  • Jump to a Named Range
  • Assign Names
  • Create Range Names in Formulas
  • Create Range Names from Headings Apply Range Names
  • Delete Range Names
  • Range Names in 3-D Formulas
  • Create 3-D Range Names
  • 3-D Range Names in Formulas
Using Multiple Workbooks
  • Open and Arrange Multiple Workbooks
  • Save a Workspace
  • Create and Maintain Links
Using Automatic Formatting and Styles
  • Apply an AutoFormat
  • Change AutoFormat Options
  • Extend List Formats and Formulas
  • Create a Style by Example
  • Create a New Style
  • Edit an Existing Style
  • Merge Styles
  • Using Conditional and Custom Formats
  • Apply Conditional Formats
  • Change a Conditional Format
  • Add a Conditional Format
  • Create a Custom Conditional Format
  • Use Data Bars
  • Delete a Conditional Format
  • Create a Custom Number Format
  • Change Macro Security Settings
  • Open a Workbook Containing Macros
  • Run a Macro, Use a Shortcut Key
  • Use the Visual Basic Editor Window
  • Record a Macro
  • Assign a Shortcut key
  • Use Relative References
  • Delete a Macro
  • Write a New Macro
  • Enter Macro Comments
  • Copy, Edit and Type Macro Commands
  • Run a Macro from the Code Window
  • Creating a Macro Button
  • Use, Create, Format, Move/Size and Delete a Macro Button
Advanced Functions
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Function
  • IF Function and Nested IF Function
  • ISERROR Function
  • Use an AND Condition with IF
  • Use an OR Condition with IF
  • Use the ROUND Function
  • Limit the Precision of Numbers
Advanced Charting
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Function
  • Add, Remove and Format Gridlines
  • Format an Axis
  • Change the Axis Scale
  • Format the Data Series
  • Add Data – Different Worksheet
  • Use a Secondary Axis
  • Change Data Series Chart Types
  • Add a Trend line
  • Create User-defined Charts
  • Create, Customise, Remove Sparklines
Sharing Workbooks
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Function
  • Save a Shared Workbook
  • View Users Sharing a Workbook
  • View Shared Workbook Changes
  • Highlight Changes
  • Resolve Conflicting Changes
  • Add a History Worksheet
  • Review Tracked Changes
  • Merge Shared Workbook Files

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