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Fadia is an energetic person who believes in the importance of leadership towards changing the world and aims to add a real value wherever she is. She has a wide experience in different managerial fields such as HR, Quality, Planning, Research & Development and Operations. Fadia has a Master’s Degree in Business and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. This combination helps Fadia deliver up-to-date managerial solutions, employing technology to achieve best practices for businesses.

Fadia started her career as an HR Manager in an Italian company in Jordan in 2004, where she was tasked to manage and develop 300 employees. Though challenging from the outset, Fadia implemented the right strategy of having an open, honest and positive communication with all the staff, which turned into a real opportunity to exceed performance expectations. She then moved to manage Research & Development Department at ASU University in Jordan, this position enabled her to improve research, analysis and evaluation capabilities.

After 10 years in the management field, Fadia was approached by Queen Rania Award for Educational Excellence (QRA) to work as an Administrative Consultant. This role required her to evaluate and improve strategic direction and implement management changes where ever it was needed; this includes conducting SWOT analysis, establishing a quality department, and training top management teams on leadership, communication, quality and time management skills.

Fadia then came to UAE to work with a Research & Development firm as Trainer and R&D Manager; this role required her to recognise the most important areas for development. Consequently, quality and e-training departments took a place within the firm’s organisational structure where Fadia presented high quality training courses to many governmental entities in Leadership, Change Management, Innovation, Goal Orientation, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Communication, Planning, Personnel Development, Motivation and Social Media.

Training people not only to impact their current job performances, but to exceed that, and to impact their entire lives, is Fadia’s passion. She believes that education provides people with essential theories, but training provides them with fit and proper tools, methods and action plans to achieve success.

Fadia recently joined Select as a Management Trainer and Consultant delivering a range of quality courses ensuring that every learner is engaged in the course; with a willingness to participate and share their experiences, to address their current situation, adapt to changes and improve their skills.

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