Hassan Siddiqi

Hassan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Minnesota State University. He has also achieved a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Distinction) from the prestigious Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). In addition, he has achieved Professional Certifications for Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics.

Hassan started his professional career in Sales. A long term resident of Dubai, he has ten years of corporate experience working in internationally recognised companies. Since 2012 he moved towards start-up entrepreneurship. Within five years, he launched two online start-ups in the MENA region as a start-up entrepreneur. His start-up projects include YallaMotor.com and EjarCar.com, both in the online automotive space. YallaMotor.com currently ranks in the top 5 Websites in Automotive for GCC Region (Effective Measure). He worked on large consultancy projects for established online portals such as ExpatWoman.com and Motory.com.

Hassan Siddiqi is an award winning corporate trainer and speaker. Since 2002, he has competed in over fifty speaking contests globally. He has won over thirty speaking awards from prestigious speaking organisations, such as American Forensics Association and Toastmasters International. He trains companies and individuals in Digital Marketing, Communications, Strategy, Sales, Negotiation Skills, and Presentation Skills to name but a few.

In 2016 he decided to pursue a lifelong passion for speaking a step further. He launched his speaking career with Division Level Championship wins at Toastmasters International in UAE. As a mentor, he coaches start-ups on raising investment, pitching to investors effectively and managing start-up operations. In addition, he regularly conducts training courses on Digital Marketing subjects such as SEO, Performance Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing. Finally as a speaker, he delivers a wide variety of courses on communications, such as Eliminating Stage Fright, Impromptu Speaking, Speech Craft, Effective Presenting, Body Language and Vocal Techniques for Speech.

Hassan is a devoted family man with three rowdy boys. He is currently based in Dubai. Aside from speaking engagements, Hassan is a frequent traveller. He has travelled to 15 countries and plans to visit another 50 in his lifetime. His mission in life is to leave a lasting legacy of positive inspiration for millions around the world.

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