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Parveen’s formal education and early work experience took place in Singapore. She emerged with a diploma in Mass Communications from the Management Development Institute of Singapore in 2002 and is fluent in English and proficient in conversational Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi and Malay.

Parveen held down a variety of positions in a number of large retail businesses during a six year period in Singapore, from Customer Service Executive with Borders Books and Music Store to Marketing Manager with Diamante Jewellers, a Hong Kong family owned jewellers. In these roles Parveen acquired a wide range of knowledge and experience in management, marketing, sales, customer relations, and accounting procedures. Apart from the experience gained from these roles Parveen was able to witness a variety of top management styles that became invaluable to her in her later employment.

Parveen moved to Dubai in 2006, where she was eager to enhance her customer service skills and experience. Parveen worked for Emirates Airlines as a member of cabin crew. Here she acquired sound knowledge and experience in working effectively in a busy multicultural environment. She interacted with a diverse range of customers, from heads of state to CEO’s of multinational conglomerates from around the world.

In 2011, Parveen became a Cabin Senior with FlyDubai. This role placed her in charge of a cabin crew on flights from sign-on for duty to return to base. She oversaw crew legal and mandatory documents verification, safety and security practices and other operating procedures and ensured that all service and grooming standards were fully met. Parveen took on a role as a trainer, assisting graduated crew on all aspects in the flying industry while also maintaining a high level of motivation among the constantly changing cabin crews under her supervision.

Throughout Parveen’s flying career, she was dedicated to meeting challenges and consistently maintaining a good working relationship between management and staff and recognising the importance of good customer relations.

Parveen is passionate about people development and is able to draw on her extensive business experience coupled with her training knowledge to have a greater understanding of the employers and employee needs. Parveen places a high value on loyalty, integrity and trust; never breaking client confidentiality. Consequently, regardless of the training or development method being utilised, she offers a supportive, relaxed and enjoyable learning environment for everyone.

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