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Richard is a retired US Government Officer with 25 years of dedicated and honorable service. His career included numerous high-profile national and multi-international assignments as a program manager for a variety of private corporate sector consulting and training outreach based programs. His deep knowledge within a variety of specialised topics soon allowed for Richard to be recognised by the private sector as a subject matter expert. Richard now dedicates his private sector career to assisting international and multi-international private corporations and government entities meet their training and consulting needs. Richard’s clients have included multi-international, oil and pipeline corporations, mining corporations, oil drilling corporations, hospitals, power plants, transportation firms, manufacturing plants, airports, security companies, pharmaceutical plants, ports of entry, maritime vessel operations, and foreign federal, civil, military, and police entities.

Academically, Richard originally focused his studies within the field of Engineering at the University of Houston but soon discovered that his true passion was within the fields of public and private civil service and security. Richard successfully shifted his educational priorities and obtained four FLETC advanced government specialised academic sponsored studies throughout his career, and has also received extensive outstanding service awards of recognition within the private and public sector.

Throughout his career, Richard has been known for his passion to include up-to-date modern topic practices within his course material, his sharing of hands-on experience, challenging his class members to come up with resolutions, and the elaboration of a relaxed but fun stimulating atmosphere where the attendees enjoy the challenges of participating in a variation of group discussions and practical activities. Richard’s training experience includes, but is not limited to, a wide range of subjects related to leadership, management methodologies, cultural diversity, team building, communication skills, customer service, personal and employee development, child social development, time management, train the trainer, stress management, writing development, body language, the development of policies and procedures, and a variety of extensive security-related practices.

Richard has delivered hundreds of successful national and international training courses in the United States, as well as the U.A.E, Bosnia, Mexico, Nepal, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. Throughout his career, Richard has also participated in numerous multi-national conferences engagements as a public speaker subject matter expert.

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