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Saher is a highly qualified electronics and communication engineer. He is an American Board Master NLP Certified Practitioner with 14 years’ of working experience in Customer Service, Training, Sales and Business Development. He holds an MSc in IT from Nottingham University and MIBA in Global Management from ESLSCA University. Saher is also a Certified Business Trainer from Fire Dragon Coaching, a Certified Assessor from A&DC in UK, a certified licensed facilitator from HRS in USA, and certified coach from Coaching Excellence in UK, recognised by the IBPDA.

Saher is well conversant and fluent in both English and Arabic, and has earned a reputation for delivering key sectors across verticals addressing core competency areas in the corporate arena.

The training and development solutions designed and perfected by Saher would be unique and will offer significant advantage over all available similar and competing products and services. He can demonstrate his training module design, and development prowess to reach out to the audience through different learning techniques.

Saher’s journey has taken him places, exposed to different cultures, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, England, United States, France, Spain, Malaysia, United Arab of Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon and he share vital statistics on the market activity, individual professional growth, and demographics offering highly innovative training solutions for the sound fitment of the Talent pool to the Corporate.

Within corporate, he comes with a plan to inject the business perspective simply by asking whether what you are doing is going to enhance the flow of the business or impede it with friction, in human capital optimization.

Saher’s greatest strength is in the facilitation of learner development in a highly interactive environment and his creativity in using games and metaphors to deliver the message. Saher provides integrated people development solutions by Assessment, Training and Coaching. The solutions starts from learning needs analysis, through programme planning and management and the design and delivery of workshops, courses and entire programmes, to post-learning assessment and evaluation. Saher also interviews and assesses delegates as part of assessment and development centres, using a variety of ability, personality and other psychometric measures. He has learnt from experience from working with multinational companies either as employee or as a consultant to help them achieve their targets and increase their employee performances.

His favourite one liner…to the Corporate,

“Does your investment of time and resources match your business strategy? If not, you are creating friction in the business that diminishes strategic impact”…

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