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Anas Aldahoud

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach,
Management Trainer and Consultant (Bi-lingual)

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Anas has been branded as the Talent Maximizer who strives to bring out the best in the organisation’s teams and individuals. He leads unique group training and one on one coaching sessions, focusing on positive psychology, investing more in discovering people’s strengths and less in overcoming their weaknesses. His style of Mentoring helps individuals expand their engagement, productivity, and effectiveness to better serve the organisation’s strategy and objectives.

For the past seven years, Anas has partnered with big organisations to deliver outstanding workshops. All his interventions have combined local knowledge with global insights to ensure performance improvement. He tailors solutions to meet the specific requirements of any client with comprehensive programs that insures sustainable outcomes.

As a GCC expert in governmental and private sector, Anas had helped organisations such as oil & gas, energy, transportation, telecommunications, and other businesses in the areas of Strengths-based Development, Assessment Center, Psychometric Assessment, Personality Type Analysis, PDP, Leadership Development, C-level Executive Coaching, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Positive Psychology, Public Speaking, TOT, TOC, Assessing Trainers & Training programs, 360° Feedback, and Self-awareness Coaching. He is a co-author of “Reinventing Coaching”, a book designed to help coaches see and understand managers personality and assess them accordingly.

Anas graduated from Florida, USA with a degree in Sports Business. Soon after graduating, he attended the finest training and human development institutions; acquiring training certificates from: Gallup Strengths Center “Strengths-based Coaching”, Marcus Buckingham program “Go Put Your Strengths to Work, Empretec Entrepreneurship Program, The Sandler Sales Institute, Jeffery Gitomer Sales Program and Chester Karrass Effective Negotiating Program.

Throughout his career, Anas has been working in sales management, business development and training. He got exposed to several industries such as: hospitality, education, government, and facilities management. Working for Diversey, a World leader in cleaning solutions and certified as Train the Trainer for the “Diversey Way of Selling,” Anas was responsible for training the entire MENA region’s sales force on negotiating, selling skills, time management and customer service.


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