Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre aims to inform the participants of their areas of strength and also their areas for development allowing them to clearly understand their ‘Potential’ within their current position and where they should develop to improve.

We provide a range of objective assessments that are aligned to the needs of the client to support their employee Learning and Development needs.

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Our Approach

Assessment Centre

Assessment Activities

Ability Tests

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Personality Questionnaire

Emotional Intelligence

Role Plays

Structured Interviews

Group Discussions


Team Profiling Exercises

The assessment centre will deliver the following key milestones:

Work Stream

Sub-Work Stream




On completion of the Design Phase for the Assessment, we will have delivered the following:

  • Approved candidate list for the Assessment
  • Approved delivery schedule based on identified numbers
  • Delivery requirements in terms of location and equipment
  • Confirmed ‘Test Battery’ of assessments
  • Clear objectives and expected outcomes of Assessment



On completion of the Delivery Phase for the Assessment, we will have delivered the following:

  • Delivery of Assessment to target audience:
    1. Ability Assessment
    2. Personality Profile
    3. Emotional Intelligence
    4. Leadership Activities
  • Compile detailed assessment reports for each employee
  • Analyse each assessment report and prepare feedback
  • Deliver individual feedback session with each employee
  • Hand over assessment reports to each employee



On completion of the Evaluate Phase for the Assessment, we will have delivered the following:

  • Assessment evaluation and Lessons Learnt Reports (LLR)
  • ROI report based on cost versus likely impact
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