Leadership training is extremely important no matter the industry or business you’re in.

All workplaces need effective leaders to empower and influence teams to achieve business goals.

Despite having the desired educational background and work experience, employees in management positions may lack the leadership skills necessary to efficiently lead the company, engage the workforce, and produce the best results – this is where leadership and management skills training becomes essential.

Professional management and leadership training courses can help develop and hone employees to become the best leaders possible.

Leadership courses and certification programmes are a terrific option if you’re interested in gaining or extending your education as a leader, giving you the latest skills and tactics to use in your own organisation

Here’s our list of the top 5 Best management and leadership courses in UAE to get you started.

5 Best Management and Leadership Courses in UAE

We’ve rounded up a list of the best leadership training, courses, classes, and certification programs that you can take to improve your skill set:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Management Skills
  3. Cultural Awareness
  4. High Performance Teams (ILM)
  5. Strategic Thinking, Planning and Implementation

The duration of these courses may vary from 2 – 4 days, depending on how intensive the course is. So take your pick and start working towards building your leadership skills right away.

1. Leadership Skills (ILM)

Effective leadership is about the process of influence; influencing people to do what they should do while achieving shared objectives, motivating others, and fostering a sense of personal fulfilment.

This course will help you:

  • Define leadership and the characteristics of a good leader
  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of various leadership styles
  • Know your primary leadership style and how to modify them to fit the people you lead.
  • Create strategies for inspiring and motivating the workforce you oversee
  • Practise strategic thinking and design growth strategies

This course will equip staff with the interpersonal, personal, and group skills they need to influence others in one-on-one interactions, boost group productivity, and become all-around effective and inspirational leaders.

2. Management Skills (ILM)

These days, simply managing processes and effort isn’t enough.

Instead, a modern manager must possess the skills necessary to inspire their team, manage change, deal with challenging individuals, oversee performance, coach and grow their employees, and much more.

This course covers how you can:

  • Establish the ‘core competencies’ required to be an effective manager
  • Learn how to set SMARTER goals and how to cascade them with precise measures
  • Apply coaching techniques to foster an environment of innovation and excellence
  • Learn how to provide relevant, encouraging, and remedial feedback.
  • Learn how to improve relationships through effective communication

Done in a non-confrontational way and interactive training environment, this course will equip participants with the information and abilities needed for team development and personal improvement.

You will discover how to identify the levels of motivation within teams, uncover high potential people, and develop coaching tactics.

Keep in mind that your team is what makes you successful – the more productive they are, the more successful you are.

3. Cultural Awareness

By being culturally aware, we can respect and acknowledge the values, traditions, and beliefs of others and interact with them without judgement or prejudice.

When you’re mindful of people’s cultural differences, it’s simpler to create an inclusive and more effective work environment where everyone can function as a cohesive team when you’re more culturally aware.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand what culture is and how it affects us daily at work and life
  • Determine common cultural barriers that exist in the workplace and how to overcome these barriers through communication
  • Learn how to adopt diversity policies and conduct diversity audits
  • Gain the ability to manage a culturally diverse team
  • Learn about cultural awareness, cultural respect, cultural competence, and cultural safety

It’s crucial to understand other cultures because doing so allows you to modify and change how you interact with others.

4. High Performance Teams (ILM)

Organisations committed to fostering effective and high-performing teams must recognise that the involvement of both the team, as well as good leadership are the two factors that have the most impact on these outcomes.

This course will address how to:

  • Understand the importance of employee engagement and the key part it plays in business success
  • Use coaching strategies to foster an environment of innovation and excellence
  • Identify ‘proactive’ action plans for employees
  • Examine the value of emotional intelligence and self-awareness in leadership
  • Formulate ways on how you can motivate, inspire and influence the performance of your team

With the continuous development and changes in technology, communication, coupled with economic pressures and diverse management tools, it’s crucial to re-evaluate how to get the best performance out of your teams.

5. Strategic Thinking, Planning and Implementation

Being strategic means being well-prepared in advance for various scenarios.

Therefore, strategic planning demands a flexible and imaginative ‘state-of-mind’ that has room to anticipate future scenarios, perceive various possibilities, and come up with fresh solutions for potential difficulties and issues.

This course will cover how you can:

  • Master the fundamentals of strategic thinking and planning
  • Examine and contrast different tools used in strategic analysis
  • Understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Result Areas (KRAs)
  • Determine the implementation’s problems and success indicators, and how to measure them
  • Know the key factors involved when implementing a strategy

Strategic thinking has become essential at all levels for both immediate and long-term success.

The ability to involve people in an ongoing strategic process is equally as important as individual skill sets.


Leadership is a skill for any role – not only managers.

A successful company can benefit from strong leadership. One of the numerous methods to enhance the culture and output of your organisation is to train individuals to be leaders.

You can pick what leadership training fits best for your team by having a better understanding of why leadership training is necessary and what it can do for you.

If you’re looking for an easier way to determine which courses would fit best for you or your employees, get in touch with us today.

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