Project management is one of the most in demand and well paying jobs in the market, so it’s no surprise that so many professionals want to specialise in the subject.

A project manager’s role is to help teams deliver projects on time and within budget. Project management can be applied across different businesses and industries and is increasingly being viewed as a separate profession.

How do you get started with Project Management?

The best way of starting a role in project management is to learn and get certified in the subject. With all the resources available online and offline the question then arises, what project management course should you do.

Project managers use an array of techniques and tools to ensure project success and they’re usually learnt from certified courses.

Here are 3 of the best project management courses if you’re an aspiring project manager or just want to develop skills in project management:

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification
  2. Project Management (ILM)
  3. Managing Projects using MS Project

Let’s look at each of these courses in more detail to help you decide.

1. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification: 

Duration 5/6 days (35 hours)

The PMP Certification is the gold standard in project management. It’s recognized globally and with the PMI brand you can essentially work in any industry, anywhere in the world and with any project management methodology.

The PMP certification is offered by the Project Management Institute, a globally recognised association for project management. The Certification is a rigorous exam that proves your ability to manage projects that are sensitive to time, budget and scope.

There are more than 1,000,000 PMP certification holders worldwide, providing you with a good network to grow.

Requirement for PMP Certification:

A PMP Certification is a highly skilled exam and is regulated and evaluated by The Project Management Institute.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) pays thorough attention to the quality of the PMP certification and ensures it meets the highest standards.

For this reason, there are certain requirements applicants must meet before applying:

Eligibility criteria

If you have a 4-year degree or equivalent

If you have a high-school diploma or equivalent 

Experience leading projects

36 months

36 months

Hours of Project Management Education or CAPM® Certification

35 Hours

35 Hours

Good news is you can complete the requirement of 35 hours of Project Management education with our PMP exam preparation course.

Our certified PMI instructor will guide you through the latest PMP Exam materials and sample exam questions to prepare you for the big day.

Preparing for a PMP Certification:

Answering a PMP exam is difficult but not impossible, there are many PMP Preparation Training courses you can take to prepare you for the exam. Preparing for a PMP exam will greatly increase your chance of passing on your first attempt. Make sure the training provider is an affiliated partner with PMI before enrolling in a training course.

An ideal PMP Preparation Training Course should include:

  1. Understand the challenges of managing projects
  2. Get tips on how to prepare for and pass the PMP® exam
  3. Recognise fundamentals of project management using real world examples of what works and what doesn’t work in this dynamic profession
  4. Understand how sound PM principles can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of you and your project team

Apart from this, you can also be a PMI member and get special rates for exams. Certified PMP professionals report increased salaries, faster career growth and increased networking opportunities.

2. Project Management (ILM Certification):

Duration 3 Days (12 – 18 Hours)

In today’s corporate world, a vast majority of an employee’s tasks involve planning and executing projects. Learning to manage the different stages in a project and establish project management teams is an essential skill that every manager should possess

The Project Management Certification by ILM is an excellent choice if you want to get a holistic approach to learning project management.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of project management and also get access to various frameworks and tools to help you keep track of projects and achieve your goals.

This course enables you to understand the key processes of project management from initiating a project, to closing out and other essential related topics like:

  1. Developing and administering a project plan
  2. Develop project scope and define project statements
  3. Learn how to communicate with and guide teams
  4. Effectively manage time, resources and budgets

Low – Mid level manager, Team Leaders whose work involves multiple deadlines and leading teams can greatly benefit from this course. You’ll learn several concepts and tools that will help you in your daily tasks.

3. Managing Projects using MS Project:

Duration 2 Days (08 – 12 Hours)

MS Project is one of the most widely used Project Management tools and is considered an Industry Standard.

MS Project is a powerful tool for project management. It’s widely used for designing and developing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, managing budgets, and analysing workloads.

This is a versatile tool used by teams of different sizes and for different projects. It has powerful features and can help you plan and utilise resources efficiently, give you a birds eye view of projects, forecast revenue, and much more.

It can also integrate with Microsoft Teams, enabling better communication and collaboration.

This course is beneficial for a wide range of learners from new to experienced managers who need a refresher course.


Project management is expected to remain one of the most in demand roles in the coming years, and it’s no surprise that so many professionals want to specialise in this area. Project Management certifications are increasingly being demanded by companies as well.

There are many reasons you would want to opt for a project management course like getting a promotion, switching jobs, increased pay, additional qualifications, and so much more.

It’s no surprise that project management with all the benefits and value it brings is demanded by a lot of companies today. If you’re looking for the best project management courses then get in touch with us today.

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