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If you are feeling frustrated in your career and feeling trapped, under-used, overworked or underpaid, SELECT career coaches can help you. We have worked with clients from different industries, roles, levels of management and even countries and helped them discover new avenues and obtain clarity on their career paths.

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SELECT’s career coaches do this by working with clients to discover their underlying life purpose so they can find work that’s fulfilling and motivating. That means that we often suggest or recommend careers you might not have considered before and help you find satisfying work you’re aligned with.

We recognise every client is unique with a diverse and rich background of experience. Yet, we all confront change (planned or unplanned). How do we navigate change in a healthy, productive and effective way?

What can SELECT career coaches do for you?

Our career coaches will…

  1. Challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.
  2. Motivate and inspire you to do your best.
  3. Encourage and support you each step of the way.
  4. Provide honest supportive and corrective feedback.
  5. Hold you accountable of your career choices.
  6. Be firm yet fair, telling you facts and not what you want to hear.

We build a relationship with you to provide tools to help you through our eight step model called SELECT.

  1. Self-assessments to determine where you are and your current competencies, interests and aptitude.
  2. Explore options available to you based on these assessments.
  3. Leverage on your existing skill set.
  4. Eliminate barriers that could be preventing you from taking the next step.
  5. Clarify expectations from all potential.
  6. Training to bridge any gaps you may have.
  7. Actionable steps that are SMARTER, can be measured and tracked to show progress in ‘real-time’.
  8. Review the results and progress and revise any plans to keep them current and updated.

If you’re ready to get started with changing your job or career, contact us and begin clarifying which careers are likely to be right for you. Not only will it shift your mind-set, it will also get you thinking about what you want from your career so you can make positive work and life changes.

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