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SELECT has extensive experience in design and implementation of ‘competency framework’ projects in the UAE in a sensitive and timely manner. Our consultants and HR Specialists can specifically tailor performance management systems, both locally and internationally.

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Current best practice is to incorporate evaluation of competencies as an integral element of the organisational performance management system; thereby not only measuring ‘what’ is achieved by the individual, but also measuring ‘how’ it was achieved, i.e. the associated skills, knowledge and behaviours which comprise competencies.

SELECT recommends incorporation of the client’s Competency Framework into the performance management system 12 – 18 months after implementation, so that careful consideration can be given to design of a reward mechanism which offers a sensible balance between individual performance against set targets as well as corporate and position based competencies.

The following table is intended to summarise the phases, processes and deliverables of our competency framework service:





Management Team Introductory Workshop


A facilitated workshop designed to introduce the concept, features and benefits of a competency framework to the management team. Equally important, the consultants will seek feedback in terms of what ‘will work’ for the organisation as well as any potential constraints or barriers.


Job Based Competency Profiling


The process of profiling competencies for each job will commence with a review of the applicable job description, followed by interviews with both the job holder and the line manager; subsequent on-job observation may be appropriate for technical positions. We will use a data gathering and analysis template to facilitate the process.


‘General’ Competencies

We recommend using the client’s values as a basis for identifying and profiling ‘General’ competencies which will apply to all jobs within the organisation.


‘Leadership’ Competencies

Leadership competencies will apply to supervisor / manager level jobs and above. These will be designed and profiled to reflect the desired skills, standards and behaviours of the leadership team, including definition of applicable levels of complexity in alignment with job levels.


Job Catalogue

Development of a ‘job catalogue’ using statistical data to cross-check and reference, ensuring complexity levels are accurate for comparable jobs and levels.


Competency Dictionary

Development of a corporate competency dictionary which clearly illustrates competency title; competency definition and competency performance indicators for each complexity level.


Career Path/s

The process of identifying and defining potential career path structure/s for each functional / operational area of the organisation, ensuring transparent and robust alignment to job levels and organisational hierarchy.


Management Agreement

A (or a series of) facilitated workshop/s to introduce the competency framework design, gain feedback, review and ultimately gain approval.


Staff Training Workshops

A series of four workshops which are specifically designed to introduce the concept and features of the Competency Framework, sell the benefits and educate staff on the process.


Management Training Workshop

An interactive, case study based workshop, designed to help the management team recognise the Competency Framework as a management tool which facilitates effective recruitment; performance evaluation; training needs analysis and succession planning.

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