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Professional sports people receive coaching, CEOs receive coaching and when it comes to graduates, they are no different. The requirements for entering workplaces are changing and we work alongside graduates by equipping them with the lifelong skills and insights that they need to successfully navigate the highly competitive job market with confidence.

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Graduates often approach us when they:

  • Have found themselves in a role where they are not progressing, and it simply does not suit their personality or skill set
  • Are not sure which career would suit their competencies and interests where they are able to excel
  • Have received several rejections from interviews and applications and are starting to lose their self-confidence
  • Do not know whether their interview skills are the reason they are not successful and want to gain more knowledge and ‘know-how’ for professional interviews
  • Are not getting any responses when sending out their CVs and are becoming disheartened
  • Have finished University and feel lost with lack of direction
  • Struggle to brand themselves and create a digital presence
  • Feel that after finishing University there is a massive gap between where they are now and where they want to be

Our Graduate Coaching journey:

  1. Self-awareness – Who are you?
    The first step of our coaching involves assessing you to better understand your preferences and your areas of development and strengths.
  2. Establish a career path
    Analysis and an in-depth discussion of the results will help us to determine where you will be best suited in terms of career and industry, and how to get you onto the road of achieving this.
  3. Offline and online profiles
    We guide and support graduates to develop an offline and online presence as potential employers now review your online presence when recruiting and assessing the suitability for a position. Your CV (ATS compliant) and LinkedIn profiles are developed in this step.
  4. Job searches and applications
    We take graduate coaching to another level by teaching job finding skills from the point of view of the employer; rather than HR and train you how to search for jobs, register on portals and make sure your cover letters are bespoke, so you are matching the job criteria.
  5. Interviewing for success
    In this step, we train you how to prepare for interviews, answer questions using the STAR method, and how the ratings are sometimes used to assess your suitability during the interview. We also cover what questions to ask and how-to follow-up after the interview.
  6. Success and beyond
    Once you have been recruited and are in the workplace, we take on the role of a mentor where we address some of the common challenges graduates face when entering the corporate workplace such as workplace ethics and etiquette and how to write professional emails and reports.

At Select, we understand that convincing employers that you are workplace-ready straight out of university is extremely challenging. Without coaching and professional guidance, many graduates do not land a graduate-level job and remain unemployed. We successfully deliver personalised one-to-one graduate coaching sessions that are designed to ensure that graduates get the job that is right for their unique skills, interests and aspiration.

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