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Henk Wijnands
Visual Consultant, Trainer and Graphic Recorder

After a successful career as a board member of internationally operating companies in several industries an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation, Henk Wijnands started as a Visual Consultant. Today, he helps companies to design their strategy, optimize their way of functioning and communicating by combining the right and left side of the brain. His secret weapon is the pen, as a visual consultant, a graphic recorder encountered with an extensive sales, marketing and management experience. Henk is also a certified Global Bikablo Trainer, can work in in three languages and has experience in sustainability, IT, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, TechDoc and Software.

Currently he is working on the book “ How to become a world class leader in 20 minutes” and “Visual Selling” both books will be released in the beginning of 2023. His motto is “Turning information into understanding” and “A smile is the same in every language”

Academically, Henk holds an MBA degree and a Diploma for Customer Service Management; he is a Certified Global Bikablo Trainer , a Certified Global Trainer in Visual Selling, has a Black belt in Visual Communication, and several Certificates from Harvard Business School which inludes Leadership, Project Management, Digital Intelligence, Persuasion, Negotiation and Time Management.

His area of specialty includes Graphic Recording, Visual Selling, Visual Communication, Management and Leadership, Customer Service and Sales and Marketing courses.

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