While many employees enjoy working in jobs and roles they love and are passionate about, that is unfortunately not the case for everyone. Many other employees, whether they realize it on their own or not, dislike their jobs but tend to show resistance towards changing them simply because they are confused as to what they want or are afraid of starting over in a new job or because they have financial worries.

Remaining in a role you hate for too long can be very harmful to both your personal and professional lives. So, if you believe that all the efforts you spent on turning your job into something you are passionate about are gone with the wind, then it may be time to move on.

Choosing to leave a job can be a gut-wrenching decision. You need to know that you’re making the right choice. Digital marketing specialist and active user on the Bayt.com Specialties platform, Yazan Al-Shafai, asked professionals whether there are some clear signs that -if one experiences enough of them- suggest it’s time to move on?

1- You lost your passion towards what you do

You know it’s time to reassess your career, when you are no longer enthusiastic about the work you do. Passion is a necessary ingredient for tapping into your true and full potential. So, if your passion towards your work is lost, then you’ve reached a point where it’s time for a change.

2- Your work is making you miserable

Don’t be in denial about your feelings. If you think that your work is making you depressed, anxious, or stressed and is affecting your physical health, then you need to know that no paycheck is worth sacrificing your physical and mental health for.

3- The company you work for is suffering

If you suspect that your company is in trouble, and you’re worried about your job security, then you need to consider leaving your job before you and your co-workers end up competing against each other in the job market.

4- You believe that your talent and potential are meant for something better and bigger

If you feel that you are supposed to do something better than what you are doing in your current job, then your feeling is right. Don’t try to convince yourself that this is some kind of irrational feeling you are having and that all employees feel the same way about their abilities. Your feelings and thoughts are trying to tell you that you can achieve joy, success, satisfaction and recognition if you are to make a change in your career path.

If you experience any or all of those feelings and situations, then it might be time to leave your job and find a better working environment for you. But you need to remember that leaving a job that has made you go through a lot, doesn’t mean venting about all the reasons you’re leaving. Instead, you need to be smart and courteously explain to your employer that you’re leaving to pursue another opportunity.


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