Are you interested in getting a new job? Do you love your company and wish you can just stay there or take the great workplace with you? You don’t have to worry about leaving the company you love, you can simply take a look at the job openings within your company. You might be interested in taking a new role or shifting to a different department. All that can be done through applying for internal job openings at your current company. But the process of getting an internal position will require some preparation and effort no less than getting a brand new job in a different company.

So, how can you apply for an internal position at your company? Communication Officer and active user on the Specialties platform, Mounia Adel , asked professionals about the steps employees should follow to apply for an internal job vacancy.

  1. Be well prepared
    You should take the interview process seriously. Consider yourself going to an interview with a new company where you don’t know any of the people who work there. Be well prepared, check all the new products and services in your company as well as all the updates and the changes taking place. In fact, most employers will not take into consideration the fact that you already work in the company; they will ask you questions and get to know you and your skills just as if you are a new joiner.
  2. Update and customize your CV
    Being an internal candidate does not mean that you don’t have to refresh your CV or customize it. Add all of your achievements, the new skills you learned, and the responsibilities you recently had. This will help you remind the employer of all the good qualities you have and the talents that helped you grow professionally. Write a customized cover letter to explain to the employer why you think you are the right candidate for the new position and allow him to know you even more.
  3. Talk to employees in the department you are applying for
    Discover all the new tasks and responsibilities you would have if you are offered the new job. Ask the employees who work in the respective department about the challenges that you might face and the skills needed to succeed. Seek any tips that might help you prove to the employer that you are the right talent to fill in the new position.
  4. Inform your current manager
    Speak to your manager and let him know that you decided to apply for a job opening within the company. Be honest about your decision and explain to him the reasons that encouraged you to seek this change. Don’t be afraid; your manager is a part of the company and will encourage you to do your best to further the success of the company.
  5. Send a thank you note
    Whether you are applying for an internal or external job, you always have to send a thank you note to the employer to show appreciation for his or her time and for taking your application into serious consideration.
  6. Stay positive
    If you don’t get the job, remain professional, speak to the employer to know what your weak points are and how you can work on strengthening them. Don’t feel bad, get back to your job and work on improving your skills and talents so you can apply for the next internal job position that suits you.


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