Japanese Fresh Fish

The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the waters close to Japan have not held much fish for decades.

So to find more fish, fishermen had to go further. The further they went, the more days they would spend at sea, before bringing the fish to the market. And by that time, the fish were not fresh
anymore and the taste was not so good for the Japanese standards.

The installment of freezers on the boats was one solution applied by the fishing companies. The freezers would keep the fish frozen and the boats could spend even more days at sea. However, the
taste of the frozen fish, again, was not as good as the taste of the fresh fish.

Then the fishing companies thought to install fish tanks. The fisherman caught the fish and stuffed them in the tanks. This way the fish were kept alive, but after a few hours they would get tired and
they would stop moving. Unfortunately, the fish would not move for many days and would lose their freshness. Again, you taste the difference.

Finally, a creative mind came up with another solution to the problem.

Fishing companies put the fish in the tanks and then added a small shark to the tank! The shark ate a few fish, but most of them were in a very lively state. Because challenge is the key to maintaining the vitality of mind and body!


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