Job Descriptions,
Analysis and Specifications

Our solution includes overall job analysis and evaluation where we assess the job requirements, develop competencies, job descriptions and individual specifications. The aim is to develop and provide information which will act as a base for HR when conducting performance management programme, training and development and compensation management.

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With the experience in Management Training and Consultancy, combined with the skills and techniques used to effectively train, we have identified the following as drivers behind LNA:

Work stream

Description and implementation

Prepare management job descriptions

SELECT will perform this task to give the image and creditability required for stakeholder acceptance and buy-in for the project.

Prepare job descriptions

for all jobs


This is an optional step to effectively grade the managerial jobs. Organisational charts and detail of the jobs reporting are essential in the successful implementation of this step.

Develop grading system

and grade jobs

The points scored by each job will form the basis as to which grade each job fits into. SELECT will design the grading system which will depend on a number of issues; all of which will be discussed and considered when deciding the grade ranges related to the points.

Implement and train the client on job evaluation system

SELECT will train and guide up to two nominated members of the HR team,  this is essential for understanding and developing future situations and job changes. We would leave the client with all the skills to use the system with no further help from us unless requested.

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