The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the roots of the global economy and has disrupted the way we live, the way we work, and the way we perform any commercial activities. The Work from home culture has evolved the way corporate world used to function. As always, one must be prepared for what is next. A leader needs to have a plan of action ready for how the businesses will be after the pandemic comes to an end. As a business leader, it becomes necessary to act now so that our organisation will be better equipped to stand out in the ‘new normal’ world that lies ahead of us.

The most difficult part often is knowing where to start. For this, let us discuss a few points which would go hand-in-hand within the near future:

Spend time contemplating the future

A leader needs to devote his or her time on planning for the long term as well as short-term goals for their organisation. For an organisation to stand out among its competitors, the short-term goals need to be re-designed with respect to the current industry environment. Clear decisions need to be made on major resource allocation for making it through the post-crisis marketplace.

Leadership commitment

A leader needs to be determined on adapting to the challenges that he or she would be facing in the coming days. Once leaders have secured their team’s support, it would then be the appropriate time to roll out the initiatives across the business. Key elements such as social responsibility will likely take on added importance and help us survive the chaos that organisations are going to face.

Re-structure the business processes

A leader needs to have a new structure for efficiently managing things after the pandemic ends. To increase the productivity of its workforce, business processes that are no longer needed should be removed.  of tasks needs to be implemented to improve employee productivity. Evolving with a new structure and clear communication of goals with regular reporting are likely to be the major steps for successfully transforming the business in the ‘new normal’.

Retain and upgrade talent

Workforce management decisions are the ‘need of the hour’. Decisions are needed to be taken for maintaining an effective workforce, which is capable of withstanding the ongoing business scenario and able to address the upcoming business challenges. Major decisions on retention of a talent that is likely to perform uniquely in the time of rebound need to be taken. Further, a leader needs to access whether they have the required skill available in-house today or not. If not, possible ways on how they can acquire the new talent needs to be thought of.

It is impossible to estimate the major impact that the current crisis is going to have on organisations when things get back in shape. But the leaders who work in a defined path and lead with a vision to succeed will emerge from the crisis and its organisation which is not only strong but also competitive than it was ever before.

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