Those in the programme will undertake applied learning projects within their own organisations to further develop organisational culture and engagement.

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The sessions, numbers and it’s type, location and learning topics are selected in consultation with the client.

Those in the programme will undertake applied learning projects within their own organisations to further develop organisational culture and engagement.

  • Online, face-to-face and blended approach
  • Functional and work-based
  • International recognition
  • English and Arabic delivery
  • Based on 70:20:10 learning development
  • Includes interactive online simulations
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Flexible programme design

Our Approach




The ‘Identify’ phase serves as the starting point which aims to provide a clear picture of the leader’s profile, skills and competencies. This will also highlight not just what they have already achieved, but most importantly, what they would like to achieve in the future. This step will help in answering the following questions:

  • Where have they been? (retrospective reflection).
  • Where are they now? (reflection on current situation).
  • Where would they want to be? (identification of goals and objectives).

Leadership Development Program

A leader’s development plan sets the tone and direction from which all personal development plans in the ranks below them will follow. It is more than just a list of training activities. When designing a LDP, SELECT engages the leader professionally, to reflect their dedication to their role, and demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning. LDP activities will give them a broader perspective of how their personal goals affects the organisation’s strategic goals as a whole. This will assist them in meeting their personal, departmental and organizational needs.

Asset-Based Approach

Select will work closely with the client’s Leadership Development Champion, who will be coached and trained how to successfully implement the whole project.


On completion of the ‘Identify’ phase, we will provide a skills gap analysis report and roadmap for development for each leader. This report will be used to get a clear strengths and development needs for the leader within their current and identified future roles. This helps in mapping the required training initiatives to support the talent’s development and readiness to assume their targeted positions.


Development in Action through:

  • Instructor-led training courses.
  • Innovative and engaging workshops.
  • Based on the 70-20-10 development framework.
  • Project-based assignments.
  • Assessments and work integration.
  • Coaching and mentoring sessions.

Review and Reflect

During the ‘Review and Reflect’ phase, each leader will attend an interim performance evaluation meeting with the consultant.

A one-to-one feedback and coaching session which aims to: act as a mirror for leaders, providing them with honest feedback and revealing gaps so they can see themselves more clearly, as well as helping them to identify goals and promoting sustained action.

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