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Mentoring is a process in which an experienced individual helps another person develop his or her goals and skills through a series of time-limited, confidential, one-on-one conversations and other learning activities.

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What is Mentoring?

In an organisation the two parties in the mentoring relationship should not be connected within a line management structure and the mentors should be more experienced than mentees so they can guide the mentee towards an agreed objective that is connected to a career plan. Mentoring has at its core the concept of self-managed development with the mentee taking primary responsibility for managing his or her learning with the help of the mentor.

How can we help?

Our mentors help mentees discover their career options and explore opportunities within their networks, set development goals and actions and gain access to resources to put them in the right footing.

In today’s world of disruption and constant change, where ambiguity has become the norm, we believe that mentoring is one of the leading methods that drive conversations to generate insights that can lead to pragmatic outcomes for both individuals and organisations.

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