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Muhra Al Ali
Management Trainer and Consultant

Muhra Al Ali had a long and successful career in Human Resources Management. As an HR professional, she witnessed the transformation of the HR function from a basic administration function to a strategic powerhouse that delivers for the organisation through its people. She worked for sector-leading organisations in Health Regulation, Health Insurance, Nuclear Regulation, and Freight Rail, where she tackled the main human resources challenges of the day such as: capacity building, Emiratisation, workplace diversity, women empowerment, talent management, automation, and many more.

After having worked for almost two decades as an HR professional and leader, she takes the ‘tried and tested’ practices and combines them with the latest academic learning, in order to develop and deliver training courses that are relevant and fun. Her expertise centre around skills needed to navigate today’s complex business world, especially in a place like Abu Dhabi where traditions, technology, and people from everywhere intertwine seamlessly to create the future. Her list of specialties include: Hiring & Selection, Interviewing Skills, Induction Programmes, Workforce Planning, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Restructuring & Competency Frameworks, HR Policies and Procedures, Work Instructions, Training Plans & IDPs, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Emiratisation, Strategic HR, Budgeting for HR, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Styles, Change Management, Interpersonal Skills, Office Management, and Business Writing. She also provides Mentoring on Leadership Skills and HR Skills specially to new managers.

Muhra holds a BSc in Business Management from the Higher Colleges of Technology and is currently completing a master’s degree in Human Resources Management focusing on Employee Happiness. She believes that people are the greatest asset any organisation can have, specially today when globalisation, innovation, and customer happiness are the new business battle grounds and people are its heroes. While an investment in technology and material resources might deliver for a limited time, an investment in people lasts forever specially if it balances between the long-term needs of the organisation and the individual employees.

Emiratisation and diversity/inclusion are her passions; one compliments the other in that minority groups have a lot to offer organisations specially in creating new markets and ways of work, but only if they are well integrated and empowered. Emiratisation and diversity allow organisations to continue and develop maintaining a solid foundation of people, expertise, and knowledge.

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