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SELECT understands that the first step in establishing a performance management system that actually works is to understand the objectives behind it, and the second step is to recognise that performance management is a continuous process—not a once-a-year activity.

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In essence, quality performance management should, therefore, bring together a number of different activities to form an ongoing ”performance management cycle”.

The following table summarises our methodology and delivery:




Administration of 360° Performance Evaluation Process


Establish the performance evaluation; input participant and evaluators details and launch the process

Design and implement effective communication strategy to ensure that all employees effectively participate in the process, correcting e-mail addresses and resultant links.

Monitor completed evaluations and prepare participant reports.

Prepare a summary participant report for each employee which combines data from the mid-year and year-end evaluations.

Design and Implementation of Online Appraisals

Design an online appraisal template which takes into consideration employee performance in relation to objectives, KPIs, technical/professional skills and key responsibilities from their job description.

Revise and enhance the existing performance rating scale (if available) with a view to increased employee motivation.

Make recommendations for improvements to the system in terms of linkages to individual and corporate performance measures.

Design the ‘Integrated’ Performance Management System

In essence, a system which combines 360° Evaluation with E-Appraisal resulting in a robust, fair and equitable appraisal of employee performance, integrating the following elements:

  • 360° Evaluation
  • E-Appraisal
  • Performance Review Session
  • Recognition and Reward

Support Implementation of the Integrated Performance Management System

Facilitate initial performance review sessions, thereby ensuring open and transparent communications between line managers and direct reports regarding performance levels.

‘Audit’ 100% of completed E-Appraisals and 360° Performance Evaluations, checking for consistent and justified ratings.

Conduct a calibration exercise across all Divisions / Departments, checking for consistency in ratings from one manager to another; one team to another as well as corporate performance versus sum total of personal performance.

Additional Consultant

Facilitate the cascade of Corporate Strategy and Business Plans to a division, department and then individual employee level, whereby each employee has clearly defined individual goals / objectives and related KPIs.

Conduct training workshops specifically designed for either the Appraisee and/or the Appraiser with a view to increasing their understanding of the Integrated Performance Management System including the benefits to all concerned parties.

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