SELECT Training and Management Consultancy L.L.C., focuses on behavioural competency development and provides alternative solutions to Assess, Evaluate and Validate candidates through the use of technology.  Industry leaders see the development of human resources as the key for the sustainment of long-term growth underpinned by the retention of clients.  Organizations must diversify their strategy for employee retention through innovative and creative means to meet the challenge of an organically evolving market.  Prioritisation of capital expenditure for human capital development strategies is instrumental in maximising performance in alignment with capital investment.

The use of technology

Training has the potential to be more sophisticated than an instructor led experience in the current contemporary paradigm.  Competition to attract and retain key talent is rising in a highly competitive commercial market, and the requirement for the development of advanced learning strategies, leveraging from technology, comes with its own benefits. The direct application of technological creativity and innovation underpins long-term sustainability that is cost effective, dynamic and attractive.

SELECT utilises its expertise and strategic partnerships with leading technology partners to deliver clients bespoke and out-of-the-box solutions integrated for eLearning, eEvaluation and eContent Authoring. Leveraging from a consultative and competency-based approach, SELECT delivers tailored turnkey solutions that address an organization’s individual need whilst fostering an approach that is flexible and malleable for the current climate.

At the core of a technology based approach to training and development is the requirement for solutions that are adaptable, interoperable and capable of evolving with the advancements of technology.  SELECT provides a range of solutions that are not only accessible and intuitive, but foster a sustainable learning environment.

Sample E-Learning Courses


Content Design & Development

SELECT offers solutions that facilitate the development, delivery, and administration of online learning and collaborates with partners that provide independent and interoperable systems. SELECT enables its clients with solutions and skills…

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Evaluation & Assessment Tools

Throughout an Active Learning process the learner does not learn in isolation but is challenged to build upon the process of reflection and inquiry; formulating a higher level of fluidity in the subject matter. Learners are able to determine and navigate their own path through the content…

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Burlington is one of Europe’s most respected publishers of English language teaching materials, with over two million students learning English from its books, multimedia programs and speech-training software.

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