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SELECT Executive Coaching is primarily concerned with the development of the Executive in the context of organisational needs. Executive Coaching is crucial to the success of organisations. Our coaching objective is to maximise the Executive’s effectiveness and his/her contribution to the organisation.
Our coaches develop an understanding of the broader business context in which the Executive operates, with particular emphasis on key business initiatives directly relevant to the Executive. We believe that successful Executive Coaching links business focus with human processes by closely aligning the Executive’s development with critical business needs. The team also have the necessary experience and ‘know-how’ to determine whether we are working with CEO’s who are facing challenges within the organisation or whether there are deep rooted personality issues that require an different path.

During the sessions, we also address the Executive’s ‘blind spots’ which are always less obvious when things are going well. It is very easy for Executives to become focused on issues within their control resulting in linear thinking; especially when they have been very successful. But these blind spots can become overwhelming when performance moves in the other direction where the Executive is required to think ‘outside the box’ and also re-evaluate their decisions and thinking styles. We believe that Executives who benefit the most from coaching are those who share their confidential issues and work with us to find solutions that work within their parameters.

We consider each coaching situation to be unique, and it is therefore important for all stakeholders to develop an agreement before the coaching begins. This agreement specifies what information will and will not be shared, under what circumstances, with whom, and how.

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The main objective of having an Executive Coach outside of the organisation is because commonly, employees within the organisation have an agenda of some sort which can result in the environment for coaching becoming uncomfortable and difficult to share information openly. Our coaches are only concerned with the CEO’s success and personal development as the leader of the company.

Who could benefit from Executive Coaching?

This natural progression is supported seamlessly by a carefully designed experience, facilitated by highly experienced coaches and trainers. Through focused sessions, key skills are cultured to transition from job descriptions that are now anchored by People Management and a suite of Strategic Skills.

  • Executives who have been identified as potential candidates for a senior post, yet require further development and guidance
  • Executives who are technically talented, yet lack the softer skill-set
  • Executives who find if difficult to work with their team
  • Executives new to the role and feel overwhelmed
  • Executives who have been with the organisation for a long time and are resisting organisational change
  • Female Executives who are facing challenges with their environment and want to learn strategies to ‘break the glass ceiling’
  • Executives who fear public speaking
  • Executives who want to be more confident in front of the media
  • Executives who need guidance and support in restructuring their departments
  • Executives who want to develop an engagement of trust where they can confide in the coach and see objective and receive unbiased feedback

Our Experience

  • Working alongside the Executive to develop a business plan and provided support in drafting contracts according to the UAE Labour Law
  • Prepare for interviews with Media
  • Coach on how to develop the leadership team
  • Develop a greater self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence
  • How to handle ER issues diplomatically and professionally.
  • Supported the development and facilitation of focus groups and strategic planning
  • Prepare leadership development plans and ensured goals were achieved as planned
  • Assist client in progressing their career by building skills for the next-level job position
  • Conduct assessments and evaluating performance of executives and pointing out areas to work on
  • Provide training and guidance on improving presentation skills
  • “Go to” person for guidance and assistance when writing e-mails and reports – proofreading as well
  • Developed and led 20+ people to complete 7 change projects including coordination of training and implementation
  • Facilitated team and culture merger of over 160 employees, resulting in new operating structure, several process improvements and an integrated communication plan for all stakeholders
  • Expectations of a CEO
  • Etiquette when meeting VVIPs, Ministers etc
  • Preparing for interviews with Media
  • Handling sensitive issues regarding authorities within the Emirate
  • Align individual and organisational goals
  • Assist managers in becoming more effective leaders of people
  • Build capabilities and develop critical areas of personal performance
  • Increase self-awareness and identify ‘blind-spots’ in professional effectiveness
  • Improve overall leadership effectiveness and performance
  • Facilitate and lead to transformational change
  • Be a sounding board and safe place to explore the ‘un-discussable’
  • Create a vision of success in business, career and life
  • Think and generate ideas and possibilities in new ways
  • Put thoughts into action and reach toward extraordinary growth
  • Move through fears and obstacles to take risks and drive change
  • Strengthen leadership and execution skills that yield measurable results
  • Foster consistent right action and tap into true potential
  • Expand self-awareness and access available resources to better achieve objectives
  • Encourage the taking on of stretch-goals and provide accountability to accomplish them
  • Align the values and purposes of leader and organisation
  • Maximise individual performance and achievement of organisational goals

Model and Approach

Before effective coaching can take place, a Coaching Development Plan must be established that the Coach and the Executive create and agree on. Rather than the Coach writing a plan, both of parties need to jointly identify a set of goals and activities. Co-creation ensures that both parties will be invested in the plan’s success. We believe that if the Executive also takes part in creating the goals, they will be more dedicated. SELECT has 7 Steps to Building an Effective Coaching Program.

How to measure it?

Measuring Executive Coaching and what the ROI is can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. At SELECT we have made the evaluation process easy and user friendly so both the Coach and the Executive can determine whether the aims and objectives have been achieved.

SELECT essentially tries to understand the gap between current behaviour or performance and the ideal future behavior or performance. Clearly, we need to close that gap. If we can understand it concretely enough, we will know how to measure the executive’s progress (or lack thereof). In Executive Coaching, we use the Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation

Characteristics of Coaching

  • It is essentially a non-directive form of development.
  • It focuses on improving performance and developing skills.
  • Personal issues may be discussed but the emphasis is on performance at work
  • Coaching activities have both organisational and individual goals.
  • It provides people with feedback on their strengths and their weaknesses.
  • It is a skilled activity that should be delivered by trained people.


Every engagement begins with pre-diagnostic work in order that interpersonal, intrapersonal, communication and self-management competencies are explored in depth.  This niche area is dependent on the implicit needs of the delegate and the capacity of the roles they fulfill in the organization they represent.

Coaching, counselling and mentoring are now recognised as the most effective way of developing people; a service that SELECT is all too familiar with and effective at.  Irrespective of the course(s) selected SELECT’s Training Consultants design bespoke engagements that rapidly equip a delegate with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours required to become a professional within their realm and level of specialisation.

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Join over 55,000 participants who have successfully completed our short courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with Select you can be sure that short courses will be led by experienced trainers. Collectively, our team has completed several thousand training hours, with delivery in both the English and Arabic language and an innovative customer-centric focus that has led us to work with more than 6,000 highly satisfied companies as clients.

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