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In today’s fast-evolving technology-driven markets, achieving synergy among people, skill sets, and objectives is vital.  SELECT recognises the role that strategy serves to add value to the clientele that it works with.  Through discussion and open facilitation SELECT Management Consultants zero in on organizational challenges and propose alternatives with short terms and long terms action plans.


SELECT continues to play an integral role in consultancy projects across the Middle East region. These consultancy services are often called on by organizations in key verticals of the region, including: Oil and Gas, Banking & Finance, Health and Safety, Government, Leisure & Entertainment and private start-up companies. The projects have included:

  • Job Analysis
  • Performance Management Strategies
  • Performance Development
  • Performance Evaluation & Development Planning
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Developing Competency Frameworks
  • Mystery Shopping

SELECT’s expertise in training and development, coupled with its affiliation with international awarding bodies, promotes ingenuity and insight for design and execution of solutions at all levels of its clientele’s organizations and across all functional units.

Most directives stem from the Human Resource department to deliver key improvements in process and practice.  SELECT Management Consultants are able to quickly ramp up relationships forged during the implementation and execution of preliminary training engagements.  It is from this foundation of trust that SELECT is able to drive level 1 engagements up the value chain to consultative level 4 engagements.

Job Analysis

It is a systematic exploration, study and recording of responsibilities, duties, skills, accountabilities, work environments and ability requirements of each job. All these factors identify what a job demands and what an employee must possess to perform a job productively.

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Performance Management

The goal of defining a performance and development program is to assist both performance planning and feedback at the end of the performance period. The communications should provide timely, balanced, and constructive feedback underpinned by directives that inspire…

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Developing Competency Frameworks

Within the context of professional organizations, it is a required behaviour within a job role. A competence is referenced when describing a basic minimum level of job behaviour and a competency is understood to be a description of performance excellence.

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Mystery Shopping

SELECT engages business unit stakeholders in cooperation with the Human Resource departments to tailor strategies that are aligned with the organizations policies and procedures. Serious retailers strive to embody Customer Service Excellence.

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