The role of job analysis in general terms is an assessment of:

  •       Job Requirements
  •       Competency Developments
  •       Job Descriptions
  •       The foundation of Performance Management
  •       Training and Development
  •       Compensation Management
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It is a systematic exploration, study and recording of responsibilities, duties, skills, accountabilities, work environments and ability requirements of each job. All these factors identify what a job demands and what an employee must possess to perform a job productively.

What Does Job Analysis Involve?

The process of job analysis involves in-depth investigation of Job Requirements to control and measure the output and impacts the job role has on an organization.  The process helps to identify and map what each business unit and/or department requires, with what an employee should deliver.  It also helps determine particulars about a job including job title, job location, job summary, duties through to working conditions, hazardous duties, machines, tools, equipment and materials.

What job analysis is not

  •       It is not an analysis of thought processes, attitudes, traits, or aptitudes
  •       It is not a time and motion study
  •       It is not an analysis of an individual position

Importance of Job Analysis

The main purpose of conducting this process creates and establishes a perfect fit between the job and the employee. Determining the success of a job depends on unbiased, proper and thorough job analysis that ensures the recruitment and retention of the the right people.

Job analysis helps Human Resource personnel to decide on compensation and incentives for a job position. It effectively contributes to assessing training needs and executing strategy along performance management guidelines for existing employees.

The process forms the foundation for the design, development and implementation of strategies and policies that deliver on organizational goals and objectives.

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