Mystery Shopping

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a highly effective way to identify the need for training with in the retail domain.  In an environment where repeat business is critical for maintaining bottom line revenues whilst driving growth for top line profitability, SELECT delivers bespoke solutions that meet the demands dictated by leading international brands.

mystery shopper


SELECT engages business unit stakeholders in cooperation with the Human Resource departments to tailor strategies that are aligned with the organizations policies and procedures.  Serious retailers strive to embody Customer Service Excellence, a cornerstone of repeat business and brand sustainability.  In practice, mystery shopper exercises gauge the effectiveness of present customer service policy to feedback tangible analysis that helps to improve and refine positioning in the market.

SELECT uses seasoned mystery shoppers to evaluate the quality of service identifying:

  •       The speed of the service
  •       The presentation of the retail staff
  •       The attentiveness of retail staff
  •       The responsiveness of retails to provide consumer solutions

SELECT specialists become the customer to facilitate genuine responses to ensure that the feedback generated is realistic and valuable in its context in a single outlet to multi outlet establishments.

Some typical mystery shop scenarios:

  •       Responding to promotional campaigns
  •       Initial enquiries for:
  •       Product prices
  •       Stock availability
  •       Service costs and lead times
  •       Buying or ordering products over the telephone
  •       Calling an outlet and querying against specific criteria
  •       Booking appointments
  •       Complaining Handling
  •       Product and company knowledge evaluation


SELECT recommends that retailers deploy long term engagements that provide a consistent and systematic means of monitoring, measuring and analysing the application of the core deliverables and expectations defined for their outlets.

In tailoring the strategy, the basis for assessment will establish and create the framework for the ‘evaluation sheet’; be it a call or a site visit, proactive or reactive in its objective.  These evaluation sheets can be stand-alone or used to generate tailor-made analytical and/or narrative reports/graphs.

The results of an effective mystery shopper campaign support the subsequent action deliverables derived from the initial evaluation/engagement and form the foundations for:

  •       Strategy Development
  •       Workforce Planning
  •       Incentive Structuring
  •       Sales Delivery
  •       Customer Service Benchmarking

The resulting blueprint then serves as the road map for achieving excellence within the parameters of learning and development schemes going forward.

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