Performance Development Programme

Ultimate goal

The goal of defining a performance and development program is to assist both performance planning and feedback at the end of the performance period.  The benefits of performance planning are surmountable and include, but are not limited to the following:

  •       Developing skills and abilities consistent with the goals of the organisation
  •       Improving performance productivity, “working smart”
  •       Maximising equity in evaluation, recognition, and compensation
  •       Improving communication and understanding between management and employee
  •       Developing employee future advancement
  •       Providing managers with a model to develop, improve and recognise excellence

Performance Evaluation and Development Planning

Supervisors are expected to manage performance by having consistent communicative interest in subordinate development and progression over a given annual cycle.

The communications should provide timely, balanced, and constructive feedback underpinned by directives that inspire, mentor, develop and coach subordinates.  When executed effectively an organization can achieve higher levels of productivity and performance from all staff thus reinforcing retention.

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