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Tamara Abi-Khalil, PhD
Management Trainer and Consultant

Tamara holds a PhD in Psychology of Communication from theAutonomous University of Barcelona, alongside a certification inCognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Academy of ModernApplied Psychology.

With over three years of academic experience being a universityprofessor, Tamara developed leadership and interpersonal skills,learning that teaching and training are not aone-way communication,but rather atwo-waydiscussion, therefor strengthening her intercommunication skills, and passing onknowledge in a fun and interactive way.

She wrote and published her first novel, Chasing Serendipity, which tackles the psychology of today’s youth exposure to social media and television series. Tamara gave numerous conferences and seminars related to the book, giving her expertise in communication and public speaking. The book is currently being republished under the New York City publishing house, Austin Macauley.

Fascinated by the human mind and behavior, her studiesalongside her experience within the psychology field, led her toexpand this knowledge to the corporate world. Using the MBTI

personality test as well as relational needs tests andassessments, she worked on consulting projects with majorcompanies in Beirut, Dubai, and Brussels, creating personalisedpersonality sheets for individual employees, teams, as well asperformance management meeting agendas. The projects setthe ground for better communication amongst team members,which eventually yields better results.

With a diverse background, and an eagerness to always learnand grow, Tamara’s training capabilities expand to a wide rangeof discipline from management and leadership, humanresources, performance management, corporate psychology,public speaking, business writing, to communication skills andpersonal growth and development through CBT. Just like herclasses, Tamara’s training methodology are team-centric andinteractive. Using activities, discussions, and demonstrations,Tamara always makes sure that everyone feels included andbenefits from the information and knowledge imparted.

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