A team that functions well together is happier, more effective, efficient, and successful.

And one of the many activities that could assist you in doing this is team building.

However, setting up a team building event can be challenging, especially for large groups where participation can be awkward.

Here’s our list of team-building activities PERFECT for big groups to avoid earning you the title of “Michael Scott” of your office by planning events that involve egg and spoon races.

These activities which range from outdoor pursuits to problem-solving exercises, are sure to be a success and will make your employees not only enjoy team building, but also pick up new skills and connect with one another.

5 Team Building Activities for Large Groups

Are you ready to build, strengthen, and connect better with your team?

Here are 5 activities for large groups to consider for your next Team Building event:

  • How to rob a bank
  • Stonehenge Plus
  • Architect, Designer, and Builder
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • Tug of war

Each of these team building activities strengthen your team in unique and interesting ways.

Let’s take a closer look.

#1 How to rob a bank

How to rob a bank

Ready to try an activity right out of Netflix’s Money Heist?

The main objective of this activity is to SUCCESSFULLY plan to rob a bank.

Each team will plan a bank robbery including recruiting appropriate personnel, purchasing the right equipment, and risk analysis.

Each team receives a folder that contains all the information they need to create a mastermind for the robbery.

Benefits: Promotes clear communication between players, and improves problem-solving and decision-making skills.

#2 Stonehenge Plus

Stonehenge Plus

Let’s travel to Europe (figuratively) for this one.

Bartering, bargaining, and strategy are the three main points of this activity.

Each team receives mixed coloured ‘stones’ and a set of tasks.

The objective is to build Stonehenge with pieces of the same colour.

Benefits: Encourage teams to develop negotiation strategies and team roles. Breaking down natural barriers and stimulating teamwork.

#3 Architect, Designer, and Builder

Architect, Designer, and Builder

If you’ve got a very creative team, this activity will be perfect for you.

In this team building activity, a model is built in a secret room which no delegate is allowed to see before the game begins.

The delegates divide themselves into groups; with each group having designers, architects, and builders.

The winners of the game are the groups that successfully finish the fastest with the most accurate sketch of the hidden model using good communication.

Benefits: This activity targets skills in leadership, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving to name a few.

#4 Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

This carpet may not fly you around the city of Agrabah like in the movie Aladdin.

But it will definitely help your employees develop stronger team skills in areas like strategic thinking and implementation.

In this activity, the challenge is to turn the ‘magic’ carpet over without any of the team members’ feet touching the ground.

Magic Carpet requires all participants in a group to work within a tightly constrained space. Benefits: Initiates team members to work towards a common goal by using skills in strategic thinking and collaboration

#5 Tug of war

Tug of War

You can never go wrong with the classics.

Just like in the Netflix mini-series, Squid Game, you can get your employees hyped up in this competitive game of tug-of-war.

To succeed, team members must coordinate and devise a plan to defeat the opposing team while fending off attack.

The activity leader allows each group the time to create a plan in order to promote teamwork.

After the game, a discussion is held about the various theories and methods that the teams intended to use to solve their problems.

Benefits: This initiates collaboration, promotes constructive ideation, and leadership.

PRO TIP: Consider the following factors as you plan to ensure your event is ideal for big crowds:

  1. Will the format allow everyone — including introverts — to participate and enjoy themselves?
  2. Can you break up into smaller intimate groups if necessary?
  3. Will you be able to provide each team member with materials?

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