Team building activities can significantly impact corporate success and job satisfaction.

However, even with the best of intentions, it’s not enough to simply gather a group of people together and hope that a fantastic team will naturally form on its own.

As much as large group team-building activities naturally exude more energy, small group team-building activities can be the perfect opportunity for your employees to create stronger bonds and a more empowered team.

However, when done poorly, team-building exercises can be boring, ineffective, or a complete waste of everyone’s time.

But fear not, because we’ve got you covered!

Here’s our list of the perfect team-building activities for small groups that address everything from collaboration and communication to leadership and strategic thinking.

Let’s take a look.

5 Team Building Activities for Small Groups

When choosing team-building exercises for small groups, it’s best to select activities that allow everyone to participate.

Here are 5 activities for small groups to consider for your next team building event:

  1. Begin With The End in Mind
  2. Let’s Innovate
  3. Helium Pole
  4. Code Break
  5. Leadership Challenge

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    #1 Begin With The End in Mind

    Begin With The End in Mind

    Teams will play against each other to build the tallest and most cost-effective tower that can pass the quality test.

    Each team will have a budget and specific time-frames to adhere to, and penalties will be given for not following procedures

    Very similar to working on a project with a team in real-life – time, scope, budget, and also personality conflicts need to be addressed.

    This is a perfect activity to consider when targeting core values like leadership, problem-solving, and the ability to work under pressure. .

    #2 Let’s Innovate

    Let’s Innovate

    Participants will be in teams and need to come up with a structure that represents all of the following:

    • Their company
    • Innovation
    • Digital
    • Technology
    • Creativity

    A specific set of instructions and materials will be provided for the teams to use for their structure.

    This is usually done as a competition where the winning team will be recognised for meeting the specific criteria.

    And of course, they’ll win the all-important bragging rights!

    #3 Helium Pole

    Helium Pole

    In this game, players will have to line up in two lines, facing each other, with their index finger extended from the hip.

    The objective of the game is to lower a tent pole to the ground as a team without losing contact.

    Sounds simple enough?

    Here’s the catch – each tent pole has 7 collapsible sections (with each section only being 23 inches long).

    Overcoming frustration, learning to collaborate with one another and strategic thinking are the keys to success in this activity.

    #4 Code Break

    Code Break

    Code Break is an indoor activity that may be done at any time and by any group size.

    The objective is for teams to compete to see who can finish the most problems before time runs out.

    It’s an excellent opportunity for those who are competitive, creative, and brainy!

    This activity encourages the development of creative thinking skills and collaboration for solving problems.

    #5 Leadership Challenge

    Leadership Challenge

    In this tabletop simulation, each team must choose a leader.

    Each leader is then given a AED500 budget, a map, and 10-minutes to familiarise themselves with the brief – while the rest of the team completes a questionnaire about leadership qualities that will be used for discussion later in the activity.

    Essentially, the leaders are to brief their teams and oversee the activity while teammates collect as many points as possible by planning the best route to visit as many places as possible on the map.

    But here’s the thing, while information on ferry timetables, time and distance, and overnight accommodation is readily available upon request – it does cost money.

    In this activity, not only is it important to pick a reliable leader, but it’s also crucial to work together in order to create the most efficient and effective route to collect points for the team and win!

    Team Building Activities for Small Groups

    Team building activities and exercises are essential to your team’s success.

    Apart from breaking the monotony of work and strengthening the team spirit, these exercises enhance physical and mental health.

    In addition, problem-solving techniques, collaboration, and communication are skills you’ll develop from such activities.

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