Employees are a company’s most important asset and keeping teams engaged is a challenge faced by every business. .

High-performing teams are more productive, efficient and contribute towards the success of an organisation so it’s crucial for companies to be invested in their teams growth.

Team building can be any activity where groups are made to work effectively together and is one of the best ways companies can develop and nurture their staff into high-performing teams.

Best Team Building Activities in Saudi Arabia

There are numerous team building activities available to choose from each with their own benefit and purpose.

Here are the top 5 team building events in Saudi Arabia that you should consider for your next team building event:

  • Let’s Innovate
  • Strategy Drop
  • Swinging Pendulum
  • Magic Carpet
  • 3D Bull Ring

These activities are purposeful and aim to address issues within teams in a unique and fun way.

Check which team building activities are best suited for your team. Download the catalogue with the best team building activities.

    Let’s take a closer look at these activities:

    #1 Let’s Innovate

    Let’s Innovate

    As the name suggests, innovation is the key theme here.

    This is a very popular activity that can enable teams to think in unison and come up with creative ideas around problems.

    For this activity, participants will be in teams and will need to come up with a structure that represents all of the following:

    • Their company
    • Innovation
    • Digital
    • Technology
    • Creativity

    Teams are given a specific set of instructions and materials, and compete with each other for first place.

    They have to keep multiple factors in mind for their structure, so it helps break down barriers or biases within teams.

    This is also a great activity for employees to connect with the company culture and values.

    It will help teams think strategically and instil positive cooperation.


    # of Participants


    60 – 90 minutes

    10 – 150+ people

    • Improves team communication
    • Breaks down barriers & promotesinnovation
    • Builds interpersonal-relations
    • Helps teams work toward common goals

    #2 Strategy Drop

    Strategy Drop

    A crowd favourite!

    Strategy drop is a very popular activity because it tests communication, coordination and goal setting ability within teams.

    One wrong move or mistake by one member can cause the entire team to fail.

    Every team member has to work together and ensure constant communication, the slightest lapse in concentration can prove disastrous for the team.

    This activity will help team communication and test how well they set goals and clarify objectives.


    # of Participants


    45 – 60 minutes

    10 – 150+ people

    • Listening and setting clear strategy with role identification
    • Ability to work under pressure and remain focused
    • Accountability and responsibility
    • Working towards a common goal

    #3 Swinging Pendulum

    Swinging Pendulum

    A challenging yet rewarding activity where a variety of skills need to be used.

    This activity requires a large group working together to transfer 5 tennis balls from position A to position B without touching the balls, moving the pendulum while the balls are on it, not putting the pendulum on the floor or moving their feet while holding the pendulums.

    If the ball is dropped, touched or the member’s feet move, the ball goes back to the starting point

    Teams have to work together, coordinate and work under pressure to ensure no mistakes are made.

    This is a great activity to test a team’s ability to work in challenging situations while maintaining composure.

    Team members need to closely work together and follow directions or risk making mistakes.


    # of Participants


    45 – 60 minutes

    10 – 150+ people

    • Practices strategic thinking and innovation
    • Promotes active listening
    • Promotes collaboration with role identification
    • Improves one’s ability to work under pressure
    • Develops strong team skills

    #4 Magic Carpet

    Magic Carpet

    Your team finally gets a chance to experience the Magic Carpet ride, but the problem is it’s upside down!

    The objective of this game is to turn the magic carpet over, without touching the ground surrounding the “magic carpet”.

    The proximity between players and the rules make this a challenging activity. In order to flip the carpet team members need to make sure they coordinate well, are on the same page, and decide on an approach together or else risk falling off the flying carpet.

    From a spectator point of view it’s great fun to watch the confusion unfold, and teams that manage to do it right can claim bragging rights.


    # of Participants


    20-30 minutes

    8 – 12 people

    • open communication
    • working towards a common goal
    • developing strong team skills
    • strategic thinking and implementation
    • feedback
    • decision making
    • listening and collaboration

    #5 3D Bull Ring

    3D Bull Ring

    Leadership, observation, collaboration, listening ability will all be tested in the game of 3D Bull Ring.

    The challenge is to carry a small ball using the bull ring and multiple strings through a series of obstacles and place the ball onto the goal, a plastic stand.

    Getting clarity on the role of each member while keeping in mind the end goal is key to success.

    Each member has a key role to play and teams that are communicating and sharing feedback well are likely to be successful.


    # of Participants


    20-30 minutes

    10 – 15 people

    • open communication
    • developing strong team skills
    • strategic thinking and implementation
    • decision making
    • listening and collaboration

    Team Building Events in Saudi Arabia

    The great thing about team building activities is that it’s not only fun to participate in, but it also inevitably develops skills, enhances team performance, and improves collaboration among team members. 

    With so many activities to choose from and each activity having different objectives it can be a tough decision to make. 

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