Short Courses in Customer Service

Short Courses in Customer Service

Our short courses in customer service will help enhance your ability to handle your customers effectively. Customer Service is undeniably important for any business to be successful. Everyday many organisations experience a loss in revenue because of poor handling of customers by employees. Customer service is more than a practice: it is a culture and the mirror of your company culture in the eyes of your customers. Our Customer Service programmes are designed to provide your team with the tools and best practices to help them build a unique and lasting relationship with clients and provide them with the highest standards of customer service.

Why Choose Short Courses with Select?

Join over 55,000 participants who have successfully completed our short courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with Select you can be sure that short courses will be led by experienced trainers. Collectively, our team has completed several thousand training hours, with delivery in both the English and Arabic language and an innovative customer-centric focus that has led us to work with more than 6,000 highly satisfied companies as clients.

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Short Course in Excellence in Customer Service

It costs five times as much to win a new customer than to keep a current one. Excellence in Customer Service is an attitude engrained in every department and it begins and ends with your people, from top to bottom.

Short Course in Telephone Etiquette

There will be many times when you never meet the customer in person, therefore it is essential that each employee answering the phone is able to sell or portray their personality quickly and effectively over the phone. The telephone is the most used tool in the work environment and how this tool is used is vital to customer service. Telephone Etiquette will show you how to make the telephone your business partner.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Occasionally a customer’s behaviour may fall short of normal standards. No one likes being stuck in traffic, or working for a boss who does not appreciate you, or doing additional work with no ‘Thank you’. Learn how your verbal and non-verbal communication styles tend to calm or escalate a situation. Acquire key skills and confidence to proactively manage the negative behaviour of difficult customers.

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