Educating the next generation of financial planners and business leaders has never been more important. The recent collapse of major banks, mortgage lenders and financial advisory firms has demonstrated a need for better education of the people leading and advising organisations today. Recent studies have found that financial planners need to be more qualified, more client focused and more aware of the ‘bigger picture’, with a strong need for more structured mentoring and engagement programmes. The goal being to turn financial planning into a profession with higher standards and expectations than we have seen in the past. Expanding your knowledge and skills in Finance will ensure that a savvy contingent of new financial planners are prepared to take your organisation to the next level.

Finance for the
Non-Financial Manager

finance for the nonfinancial manager- select training
Money is the language of business. The ability to understand and analyse financial data is essential for successful management…

Basic Accounting

basic accounting- select training
Any organisation that deals with money or money’s worth needs to record every transaction that it enters into…

Advanced Accounting

advanced accouting- select training
This workshop will give an in-depth understanding of the preparation and analysis of financial statements and an understanding…

Budgeting and Cost Control

budgeting and cost control- select training
Good financial management should ensure that staff in charge of delegated budgets, both for administration costs and programme expenditure…

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