Sales and Marketing strategies are only as effective as the people who implement them. That is why training is an integral part of any organisation’s effort to achieve marketing and sales excellence. Our Sales and Marketing programmes are designed to help our clients accomplish their marketing and sales objectives and ultimately improve business performance.

Successful Selling Skills

successful selling skills- select training

Having an excellent product or being an expert in your field, doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve success or respect in the business world…

Advanced Sales Techniques

advanced sales technique- select training
Discover a new attitude towards selling, and improve your skills to be successful in cross selling, up selling and overcoming resistance…

Negotiation Skills

negotiation skills- select training
The art of successful negotiation is the careful exploration of opposing positions with the goal of achieving a positive outcome…

Advanced Negotiation Skills

advanced negotiation skills- select training
Designed to review the vital core topics that are essential for any successful negotiation. Advanced Negotiation Skills is designed for experienced…

Marketing Imperatives

marketing imperatives- select training
Today’s market is highly competitive and requires a sophisticated understanding of the mechanics of sales, marketing and branding…

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