Short Courses in Sales and Marketing

Short Courses in Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are two key skills that are highly associated with success. Sales and Marketing strategies are only as effective as the people who implement them. That is why training is an integral part of any organisation’s effort to achieve marketing and sales excellence. Our Sales and Marketing programmes are designed to help our clients accomplish their marketing and sales objectives and ultimately improve business performance.

Why Choose Short Courses with Select?

Join over 55,000 participants who have successfully completed our short courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with Select you can be sure that short courses will be led by experienced trainers. Collectively, our team has completed several thousand training hours, with delivery in both the English and Arabic language and an innovative customer-centric focus that has led us to work with more than 6,000 highly satisfied companies as clients.

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Negotiation Skills

The art of successful negotiation is the careful exploration of opposing positions with the goal of achieving a positive outcome. Through a series of case studies, role plays and self-reflection, this programme will provide you with a greater understanding of what it takes to engage in principled negotiations and get the outcome both you and the other parties desire.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Designed to review the vital core topics that are essential for any successful negotiation. Advanced Negotiation Skills is designed for experienced negotiators who are looking to develop their skills in the more challenging aspects of the negotiation process. We will review and apply the concepts already learned to help deal with more complex situations involving negotiation teams, multi-party negotiations and negotiators of varying skill levels Role plays and small group activities provide immediate feedback that delegates can use to refine their skills.

Marketing Imperatives

Today’s market is highly competitive and requires a sophisticated understanding of the mechanics of sales, marketing and branding, and plan of implementation. Marketing managers have to understand the essential marketing drivers in order to make sound decisions. This programme is intended as an intensive primer on the essentials of marketing, including how to create a marketing plan and understanding the dynamics of product and market strategy, positioning and segmentation. In addition, delegates will get some insight on broad strategic directions such as the changing media landscape, relationship marketing and global marketing strategies.

Advanced Sales Techniques

Discover a new attitude towards selling, and improve your skills to be successful in cross selling, up selling and overcoming resistance. This intensive programme covers a huge range of selling skills and knowledge to improve performance and increase your company’s profits. Delegates will explore all the skills they need to add value to their customers’ while increasing sales for the company.

Successful Selling Skills

Having an excellent product or being an expert in your field, doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve success or respect in the business world. Now, more than ever you must be skillful at maintaining the relationships that make business work.

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