Short Courses for Writing Skills

Short Courses for Writing Skills

Business Writing for many organisations is the major vehicle for the flow of information, both internally and externally. With the advancement of technology, the communication and exchange of written information is now mostly electronic. At SELECT, we continue to expand our range of curriculum to support this vital area of communication – effective business writing skills. Our variety of programmes contain focused levels of attention to business writing skills including, business writing tips to enable quick and immediate improvements for e-mail, business letters, reports, memos and general business communication.

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Why Choose Short Courses with Select?

Join over 55,000 participants who have successfully completed our short courses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with Select you can be sure that short courses will be led by experienced trainers. Collectively, our team has completed several thousand training hours, with delivery in both the English and Arabic language and an innovative customer-centric focus that has led us to work with more than 6,000 highly satisfied companies as clients.

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Short Course Information

Advanced Business Writing Skills

Delegates will focus on increasing familiarity with more sophisticated writing formats and tasks. The programme will consist of grammar and formatting techniques, with a focus on interactive activities and exercises to give delegates the opportunity to practise their business writing skills and receive constructive feedback. Discover proven techniques to simplify your message, adapt to and connect with various audiences, structure emails and letters, edit your draft, strengthen your style and captivate your target readers. All delegates must be proficient in the subjects covered in the Business Writing Skills programme.

Business Writing Skills

To succeed in today’s business world, one must be able to write with clarity. A personalised approach to writing, based on identifying the recipient’s needs, enables a clear and concise message to be delivered. At SELECT we appreciate that writing is a key method of communication for most people, and it is one that many people struggle with, especially when writing in your second language. Business professionals at all levels want a quick and easy approach to almost any writing task. They will analyse their audience’s needs, organise their writing for maximum effectiveness and write in a clear, professional style.

Report Writing

Good reports are well-written, clearly structured and expressed in a way that holds the reader’s attention and meets their expectations. Therefore, it is imperative that when writing reports, one should possess the right techniques and strategies to addresses the difficulties of thinking through and writing a report. This programme covers the principles of preparing, organising ideas, writing and editing and proofreading business reports. There is also focus on how to present data in a reader-friendly and visually appealing manner. The delegates will be introduced to a number of ideas and practical skills which will help in presenting logical, accurate and well-reasoned reports which appeal to the readers.

Technical Report Writing

Technical writing needs to be as understandable as possible, and more often than not, needs far less detail. Many readers of technical reports, such as senior managers, may not fully understand the technical jargon. When writing technical reports, the author must be able to translate complex findings and analysis into a clear, easy to understand report, to aid the reader in making effective decision. During this programme, delegates will practice writing language that is clear and concise. Focus will be given to report format and content; which will ensure that your report has a good structure and flow; making it easier for the readers to comprehend.

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