Depending on how you organise it, team building can be a very enjoyable experience, or it can be a boring one.

Any manager or team leader will tell you that getting a team together working towards common objectives is not an easy task. 

Hosting a team building event for your staff is a great way to foster trust and communication within your teams, which ultimately leads to better performance and satisfaction at work. 

Here’s a list of 5 unique team building activities to do in Saudi Arabia.

5 Unique team building activities in Saudi Arabia

Your teams is going to love these unique activities:

  • Water Tubing
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Jenga with a question
  • Let’s Innovate
  • Human Caterpillar

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

#1 Water Tubing

Water Tubing

This activity is best played near a swimming pool or near the beach. 

In this game, you start with a ball inside a PVC tube. The objective of this activity is to get the ball to the top of the pipe by filling the pipe with water. 

Participants are given cups and a bucket of water to fill the pipe and get the ball to the surface. 

The bucket of water is placed 10m away from the pipe and can’t be moved. 

There is however a catch, the pipes have holes drilled in them. Teams must work together to plug the holes with their fingers in order to stop the water leaking out. 

If one participant lets a finger go, water will start streaming out and they’ll lose progress.

This is one of the best team building activities for testing your team’s ability to communicate, work towards a common goal, and develop listening and collaboration skills.

#2 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

If you think team building is limited to physical settings – think again. 

Virtual scavenger hunt is an excellent activity if you’re engaging with your teams virtually. 

The objective of this activity is to find items around their homes or workstations. 

They can be general items or items related to the office, you can get creative with the items you choose.

Test your team’s ability to set goals and communicate effectively from anywhere with this activity.

#3 Jenga with a Question

Jenga with a Question

Everybody loves a game of jenga – giant jenga takes it to the next level with life sized blocks. 

If you throw questions in the mix, you have the recipe for a fun and interactive activity that is sure to keep team members engaged. 

Jenga is fairly straightforward. 

You have to remove a block from the structure, one at a time, to keep building the tower without having the structure collapse. 

When it comes to Jenga with a question, players will need to answer a question each time they remove a block. 

The questions could  be something silly, or something related to the company. 

Apart from testing your team’s ability to set clear strategy and problem solving skills, the question aspect promotes transparent and open communication.

#4 Let’s Innovate

Let’s Innovate

This is one of the most creative activities out there, and requires your team’s imagination to come up with innovative creations. 

In this activity, teams are given materials to come up with a structure that represents the following

  1. Their company 
  2. Innovation
  3. Digital
  4. Technology
  5. Creativity

Teams will be given limited resources to compete with each other, andwill be judged on specific criteria.

This activity tests the ability of a team to work together towards a common goal. 

Goal setting, collaboration, and planning are also skills that will be tested during this activity.

#5 Human Caterpillar

Human Caterpillar

For this activity, groups will steer a custom made apparatus around a set path. Mimicking the movement of a caterpillar, and going head to head in a race to the finish line. 

The leaders play a crucial role here as they set the pace and direction for the team. 

When the entire team moves in unison, you see smooth movement through collaboration.

There is the risk of tearing the structure if teams don’t work together and make any critical errors.

Adding a competitive twist to the game will get participants excited and eager to compete

If you’re tired of boring team building activities, then these games are sure to engage and excite your team.

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