Your team is the backbone of your business. 

Organisations are owned by individuals but run by the team. 

Healthy and supportive work environments will encourage employees to perform their best. 

But how do you create such an environment? 


This is where team building comes to the rescue.

You might wonder what makes team building so important for your work culture and ultimately your company’s success.

Well, team building activities can focus on various areas of development and bring change in a fun and engaging way. 

Here are the 7 things you can achieve with a well-organised team building event:

  • Boost team spirit
  • Reveal hidden talents
  • Improve communication
  • Encourage productivity and motivation
  • Build trust
  • Foster creativity
  • Unleash leadership potential

Let’s look at them in more detail.

#1 Boost team spirit 

Days in the corporate world can get very hectic and put a lot of pressure on employees. 

Trying to keep up with constant changes in the market, growing workload and ongoing deadlines – it’s  often easy to overlook how your employees are getting burnt out and feeling less enthusiastic about their jobs. 

This in the end can be reflected in the bottom line of your organisation. 

What can you do about this? 

team building and culture

Take your team out of the office and engage in informal activities. The time spent out of the work environment can give your employees a second wind. 

When your employees engage in team building activities, it helps boost their team spirit and morale.

Successful completion of challenges gives employees a sense of unity and makes them feel more invested in each other and in their work.

It’s a good way to form strong bonds and let your team connect on a personal level.

#2 Reveal hidden talents

In the hustle and bustle of work we all get hijacked by daily tasks.

We don’t get many chances to get to know our colleagues from a personal side.

Team building exercises create the perfect environment for your team to interact and discover more about each other.

Sometimes it can even reveal hidden talents. 

We all have some talents that we don’t get to show in the office. Some of them could even come in handy in the workplace.

Who knows? Maybe Hasan from the IT team is a chess enthusiast and can suggest a winning strategy for solving that pressing problem in the Sales department.

Check which team building activities can reveal your team’s talents. Download the catalogue with the best team building activities.

    #3 Improve communication

    Communication is crucial for teamwork success, yet we all communicate differently.

    One of the benefits of effective team building is skills development, and communication is one of the skills it can help to boost.

    Most team building games require effective communication to win.

    While trying to win, employees inevitably learn to collaborate better and improve the way they communicate with each other.

    It also creates a friendly environment where everyone is comfortable and happy to talk and work with each other. 

    #4 Encourage productivity and motivation

    When teams can communicate better it creates a healthier work environment.

    Good communication leaves little or no room for drama and any kind of friction within the team which can negatively affect your performance.

    When there’s tension in the air people can feel it.

    It can be emotionally and mentally draining and leaves little energy to focus on important, on-the-job tasks.

    As a result, employees can focus on their tasks and performance, and support each other.

    Working in a supportive environment motivates employees to put their best foot forward.

    #5 Build trust

    Many team building exercises require a good amount of trust.

    It can be a game where you have to be carried by your teammates. Or an activity like show-and-tell, that prompts people to open up.

    Regardless of the type of game you pick for your team building event, one thing is certain:

    It will create a natural environment for employees to get to know each other on a deeper level and develop trusting relationships.

    Trust and reliability will in turn improve your team’s success in the workplace.

    The team that doesn’t waste time second-guessing and double-checking each other can do more in a given time and focus on bigger projects and goals.

    #6 Foster creativity

    There are many team building activities that require participants to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas.

    This experience gives team members a fresh view on daily activities and helps them flex their creative muscles.

    As it brings together people from different departments and makes them work together as a team in different scenarios it gets them out of their comfort zone. And that’s when creativity is unlocked.

    Being put outside the habitual office setting in a slightly uncomfortable situation, employees get to uncover new ideas, innovative approaches, and unconventional solutions.

    It can give them a completely different perspective on the usual tasks.

    #7 Unleash leadership potential

    Some people are natural leaders, but due to the nature of their job we might not get to see it.

    Team building is the best place to uncover hidden leaders in your organisation.

    It creates the perfect environment for those not in managerial positions to take a leadership role.

    You might discover that a quiet colleague of yours can be surprisingly good at guiding, inspiring, and lifting the team spirit.

    The more employees engage with each other in a casual setting the more confidence they gain in the workplace.

    Confident employees are more likely to speak up and share their ideas during meetings and take initiative.


    Strong teams can take you a long way.

    But many organisations focus more on customer happiness and forget about their employees’ needs.

    Remember, your company (brand) is only as good as your team.

    So team building events should be organised regularly to keep the team’s spirit high.

    It builds trustworthy relations among employees, brings to light hidden talents and leaders, and creates a feeling of unity in the team so they can effectively work together towards a common goal.

    It’s definitely worth your investment, as good teamwork will ultimately improve your bottom line.

    We hope these benefits have cleared your doubts about the importance of team building exercise.

    Do you need your team building customised?

    Team building events can easily be tailored to your organisational needs to ensure you emphasise important areas of development for your team.

    Whether you need a face-to-face event full of fun, physical and mental activities or a virtual team building for your remote team, we’ve got you covered!

    If you still have some doubts, check out our Team Building options. The feedback from our clients will assure you why team building plays such a crucial role for the organisation.

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