Effective Recruitment for Talented Teams


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Explore a structured, consistent approach to the entire process of planning, recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right person for the right job. Understand the stages of carrying out interviews and discover how to conduct an effective interview so that you attract the best candidates and choose the best person for the job.

We will focus on making the most out of this workshop by knowing how to plan your approach and strategise during the interview making your interviews tactical and results oriented.


  • Improved interviewing skills both face to face and over the phone
  • Creating a positive impression of yourself and the company
  • Learn how to build rapport with your applicants
  • Structure calls effectively to potential candidates
  • Comfortably and quickly screen the candidate so you spend time with the right individuals and build long term contacts
  • Steps to secure interviews for candidates you have selected
  • Understand the basis and structure of a well-planned interview
  • Manage and control the recruitment process
  • Explore behavioural-based questioning and conduct competency based interviews
  • Confidently gain rapport and uncover the candidate’s true motivators
  • Analyse candidate information to plan effective questioning
  • Describe what headhunting is and the process it follows
  • Identify potential sources of candidates using research techniques and networking
  • Compile a portfolio of interview skills and techniques to adapt to any situation


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Executing – ‘Successful Head-Hunting Assignments’
  • Analysing job vacancy and job specification
  • Define headhunting and why it is used
  • The headhunting process
  • Identifying potential candidates
  • Networking, sources of information, gathering names
  • Turning names into candidate
  • Profiling and qualifying the candidate
  • Dealing effectively with the recruitment process
  • Building rapport, commitment and control
  • Overcoming objections and reactions
Fundaments of Recruitment
  • Define recruitment and its importance
  • Role and responsibilities of a recruiter
  • The recruitment process
The Initial Screening
  • Short listing traps and how to avoid them
  • Keeping the right kind of records
  • Sorting applications by job
  • The initial screening of applications and resumes
  • The initial phone screening
Creating a Professional Image over the Telephone
  • Handling the key stages of the call
  • Using the correct language
  • Tuning in to your caller
  • Useful questions
  • Types of questions to avoid
  • Listening actively
  • The difference between hearing and listening
Develop your Action Plan
  • Develop a core set of questions to ask applicants
  • Learn how to improvise: Plan your questions
  • How to be responsive to what the candidate tells you
Guide for the Interview
  • Introduction and welcome
  • Know how to open the interview
  • Minimise distractions, avoid outside interruptions, and hold all phone calls
  • Allow the same amount of interviewing time for each applicant
  • Do not oversell the position
  • Know what questions to ask the candidate
  • Know how to ask the candidate to explain any job-hopping or breaks in work history, as well as why he or she left any previous employers.
  • Ask probing, open-ended questions
  • Know how to deepen the questions as you narrow the field
  • Identifying types of candidates
  • Understanding the importance of silence
  • How to take notes and where to out the information you have gathered
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Allow time for the applicant to ask questions
  • Know how to close the interview
After the Interview
  • Arrange your notes
  • What criteria to evaluate a candidate
  • How to ranking candidates fairly and accurately
Post Interview Steps
  • Making the decision
  • Interviewing and selling qualified applicants
  • The final interview
  • The reference checking process
  • The offer process
  • The post-offer acceptance process
  • The bargaining process – dealing with counter offers and deal breakers
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