Employee Relations

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Employee relations are important for all managers with responsibility for staff. Understand the latest developments in the field of Employee Relations (ER). Learn the rights and responsibilities of employees in areas such as probationary periods, performance management, conduct, grievances etc. The importance of high quality ER has a direct impact upon levels of service, standards, business ethics, corporate social responsibility and profit. It is a topic that should be widely understood for the ensured success of any organisation.


Anyone who is keen to learn how to increase employee’s productivity, morale and motivation through the application of best practices.


  • Understand management and employee rights in the workplace
  • Identify the correct regulations for specific ER situations
  • Apply the correct regulations for specific ER situations
  • Create a positive working relationship between ER and the rest of the organisation
  • Discover what creates an effective ER function
  • Explore how to separate performance from conduct issues
  • Understand how management should discipline employees
  • Improve performance standards
  • Review how managers should handle performance issues
  • Understand the grievance procedure
  • How to correctly handle medical issues
  • Managing change
  • Behavioural change
  • Overview of the ER function
  • Getting the best from staff via the ER function


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Introduction to Employee Relations
  • What is Employee Relations (ER)?
  • Understanding the Importance of ER
  • The Role of ER
  • The Important Relationship Between ER and Line Manager(s)
  • Policies and Procedures
The ER Function
  • Definition of ER Roles and Responsibilities
  • A Global Perspective
  • Effective Communication
  • Consultation
  • Counselling
  • Understanding the Company’s Culture, Mission, Expectations
  • Discipline – Misconduct – Performance
  • Appeals
  • Medical Issues
The ER Relationship with Managers and Team Leaders
  • Managers Managing
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Harassment / Bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Motivation
  • Support
Legal Aspect of Employee Relations
  • Poor Hiring Decisions (Employment Law)
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Prevention Strategies
Performance, Counselling and Employee Support
  • Performance Management Process
  • Motivation
  • Coaching and Counselling Skills
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
Handling Complaints
  • Advising the Supervisor
  • Advising the Employee
  • Facilitating a Hearing
  • What is in the Policy?
ER Assessment
  • What’s Working?
  • What’s Not Working?
  • What Needs Fine Tuning?
  • Issues For Development (Strategic Planning)
Getting the Best from Staff
  • Leading vs Managing
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Appraisals – 360 degrees
  • Personal Development Plans


The foundation of our training is anchored in activity-based experiential learning. This methodology takes into consideration different learning and communication styles, and more importantly language and cultural differences. It is through active participation that the adoption and application of theory is expedited.

Our training team pays careful attention to planning and designing effective instructional methods essential for the transfer of knowledge. It is the creative skill of our management trainers and consultants that reveal untapped skills of the delegates through:

  • Group discussion
  • Individual and syndicate activities
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Audio and video evaluation
  • Action planning
  • Experiential learning games
  • Presentations

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