ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)


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The successful implementation of ITIL in any organisation is having management commitment and raising awareness of ITIL within in all departments and functions. This ITIL foundation course raises awareness of ITIL and the benefits for all staff. It acts as a catalyst to the organisations deployment of best practices. The workshop will cover knowledge about ICT infrastructure which includes hardware, software and computer related telecommunication components, documentation and procedures within an organisation, upon which the applications (ICT services) are built and operate.


  • Improve IT function via best practices
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Improve IT productivity
  • Implementation of ITIL standards
  • Key concepts of ITIL
  • Important principles for improving IT operations
  • Vital processes and functions
  • Practical guidance for applying ITIL to everyday IT situations
  • How to align with business, control costs, and improve IT service quality
  • Strategies to balance IT resources


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Service Management Defined
  • IT services and what they really do
  • How IT services deliver value to customers
  • Value and importance of IT service management
  • Best practices
  • ITIL adoption
  • ITIL qualification schemes, bodies and certification
Service Strategy
  • Design, develop and implement service management
  • Service management as a strategic asset
  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Identify opportunities
  • Select opportunities
  • Prioritising opportunities
Service Design
  • Design and develop services
  • Process development
  • Design principles and methods
  • Converting strategy into services
Service Transition
  • Improve and develop capabilities
  • Improving methods of transitioning new and changed services into operation
  • Managing complexities related to change
  • Prevent undesired results while enabling innovation
Service Operation
  • Effectively and efficiently deliver support services
  • Ensure value to customers and service provider
  • Maintain stability while allowing for change
  • Improving IT support
Continual Service Improvement
  • Create and maintain value for customers
  • Importance of better design, introduction and operation of services
  • Improving service, quality, business continuity and IT efficiency
  • Link improvement efforts to strategy, design and transition

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