Innovation and Critical Thinking


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Innovation and critical thinking together lead to new idea generation, better problem-solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your employees’ talents and thinking abilities helps you step back, examine your thought processes and make them more effective. By asking the right questions, challenging assumptions your company’s innovation and competitive position in the marketplace will improve.


  • Define critical thinking, reasoning, and logic
  • Discuss the importance of creative and critical thinking
  • Understand why some people are naturally creative, but also how everyone can develop their creativity
  • Knowledge of how to use a range of creative thinking tools and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems
  • Apply the methods and tools to generate ideas for improving areas of their own work
  • Explore how to use creative imaginations and mark real advancement.
  • Understand critical thinking and innovation as it pertains to the workplace
  • Recognise the difference between left and right brain thinking
  • Get a roadmap for developing your critical thinking skills
  • Tap into the right brain thinking for old problems.
  • Demonstrate multiple creative thinking techniques
  • Learn how to convert thoughts to things in an organisational context.
  • Learn how to overcome failures and turn problems into opportunities.
  • Ask appropriate questions for critical thinking and creativity
  • Define the logical approach to critical thinking and innovation
  • Determine your preferred problem-solving style
  • Identify and overcome barriers to critical thinking


Below is an example of the course content that highlights some of the course’s key learning points. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives.

Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Matters
  • Understand the importance of critical thinking
  • Difference between types of thinking
  • Improving business decision making
  • Steps to critical thinking
The Essence of Creative Thinking and Innovation
  • Define innovation.
  • Understand what innovation is and is not.
  • What is Creativity and Innovation?
  • Some Natural Roadblocks to Creativity
  • Compare traditional methods of capturing ideas to more current thinking and approaches.
Understanding Critical Thinking
  • What is Critical Thinking?
  • Characteristics of a Critical Thinker
  • Common Critical Thinking Styles
  • Making the Connection
Creative Identity
  • The Importance of Failure
  • Creative Diversity
  • Establishing and Building Character
  • Know Yourself
  • Boost Your Creative Juices
Innovation Culture
  • Understand barriers to creating a culture of innovation.
  • Understand what innovation culture is
  • Drive the organisation into a culture of innovation.
  • Generate innovations within the culture.
  • Identify the innovation culture within your own organization.
Where Do Other Types of Thinking Fit In?
  • Left- and Right-Brain Thinking
  • Whole-Brain Thinking
  • Recognising the differences between lateral and logical thinking
  • Appreciating our strengths
Techniques for Thinking Creatively
  • Creative Thinking Exercise
  • DeBono’s Thinking Hats
The Critical Thinking Process
  • The Critical Thinking Model
  • The Standards of Critical Thinking
  • Identifying the Issues
  • Identifying the Arguments
  • Clarifying the Issues and Arguments
  • Establishing Context
  • Checking Credibility and Consistency
A Critical Thinker’s Skill Set
  • Asking Questions
  • Probing Techniques
  • Pushing My Buttons
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Active Listening Skills
Get Out of the Box: Basic Creative-Thinking Skills
  • Challenging Assumptions
  • Dispel corporate myths
  • Brainstorming
  • Negative Brainstorming
  • Real Life Business problems
Encouraging Creativity in a Team
  • Brainstorming
  • Plan It Out!
  • Brainstorming or blue sky thinking session
  • Reverse brainstorming
  • Sort cards or mind maps
  • Sticky notes/Meta-planning technique
  • Identifying when best to use each idea generation technique
Building a Creative Team that thinks critically
  • Creative Diversity Application
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Identify the barriers to each innovation group.
  • Recognise the elements that cause barriers.
  • Create ideas to “drive out fear”.
  • Use mind-mapping to identify and develop options/solutions to overcome these barriers to the innovations.
Prioritise Implementation of Innovations
  • Use various quality tools to prioritize the implementation of the innovations such as multi-voting and priority evaluation.
  • Prioritise the order to implement the innovations.
  • Prioritise order to implement within each innovation.
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