MS Power Query, Pivot and DAX


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Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Introduction to Power Pivot
  • Understanding the Power Pivot Internal Data Model
  • Activating the Power Pivot Add-In
  • Linking Excel Tables to Power Pivot
  • The Pivotal Pivot Table
    • Introducing the Pivot Table
    • Defining the Four Areas of a Pivot Table
    • Creating Your First Pivot Table
    • Customizing Pivot Table Reports
    • Understanding Slicers
    • Creating a Standard Slicer
    • Getting Fancy with Slicer Customizations
    • Controlling Multiple Pivot Tables with One Slicer
    • Creating a Timeline Slicer
    Using External Data with Power Pivot
    • Loading Data from Relational Databases
    • Loading Data from Flat Files
    • Loading Data from Other Data Sources
    • Refreshing and Managing External Data Connections
    Working Directly with the Internal Data Model
    • Directly Feeding the Internal Data Model
    • Adding a New Table to the Internal Data Model
    • Removing a Table from the Internal Data Model
    • Creating a New Pivot Table Using the Internal Data Model
    • Filling the Internal Data Model with Multiple External Data Tables
    Power Query
    • Installing and Activating a Power Query Add-In
    • Power Query Basics
    • Understanding Column-Level Actions
    • Understanding Table Actions
    Power Query Connection Types
    • Importing Data from Files
    • Importing Data from Database Systems
    • Managing Data Source Settings
    Transforming Your Way to Better Data
    • Completing Common Transformation Tasks
    • Creating Custom Columns
    • Grouping and Aggregating Data
    Making Queries Work Together
    • Reusing Query Steps
    • Understanding the Append Feature
    • Understanding the Merge Feature
    Extending Power Query with Custom Functions
    • Creating and Using a Basic Custom Function
    • Creating a Function to Merge Data from Multiple Excel Files
    • Creating Parameter Queries
    Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
    • What is Dax?
    • Enhancing Power Pivot Data with Calculated Columns
    • Utilizing DAX to Create Calculated Columns
    • Understanding Calculated Measures
    • Create measure formula
    • Adding DAX functions to formula.
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Aggregation Functions
    • Table-Valued functions

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