Advanced Sales Techniques

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February 12 to February 14 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register
April 21 to April 23 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
May 26 to May 28 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register
July 16 to July 18 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
August 4 to August 6 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register
October 15 to October 17 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
November 19 to November 21 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Register


Discover a new attitude towards selling and the skills to be successful in cross selling, up selling and overcoming resistance. This intensive programme covers a huge range of selling skills and knowledge to improve performance and increase your company’s profits. Delegates will explore all the skills they need to add value to their customers’ while increasing sales for the company.


Experienced sales professionals who would like to add value to their customers and build loyalty while improving sales.


  • Explore sales psychology
  • Understand the different closing techniques
  • Prepare opening techniques
  • Review buying signals
  • What is post sales activity?
  • Self and Time Management
  • Discuss needs analysis
  • How to deal with objections
  • The importance of goal setting
  • Questioning techniques
  • Action plans and follow up
  • How to self-manage your sales performance
  • Benefit selling
  • Prospecting
  • Presentation Skills – Presenting with Impact and Conviction
  • Company value proposition
  • The importance of building client relationships


Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Sales Strategy
  • Review the Basic Selling Skills
  • Key Account Management
  • Relationships Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
The Psychology of Selling
  • Explore How the Customer Thinks and Feels
  • Quality Of Selling – Moving Beyond The Price
  • Improve Your Strike Rate
  • Writing The Proposal – Making it both Interesting and Informative
  • Presenting Your Proposal
  • Presentation Skills
Time and Area Management
  • Why is Time Your Most Important Resource?
  • Managing Your Time and Your Area
  • Negotiation Skills
Motivating Yourself and Your Team
  • Your Attitude Makes A Difference
  • Improving ‘Attitude’
  • Emotional Intelligence
Adding Value to Your Customers
  • Combining Sales and Service
  • Cross Selling and Up Selling
  • Matching Features and Benefits to Customers’ Needs
  • Motivators and De-Motivators
  • Maintaining a Positive ‘Frame of Mind’
  • Being Motivated to Solve Problems
Value Through Cross Selling
  • The Three Types of Cross Selling
  • Understanding Why People Buy
  • Listening for Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Creating Opportunities for Cross Selling
  • Questioning Techniques to Gain Interest
  • Introducing Benefits
  • How to Gain Commitment
Value Through Up Selling
  • Increasing the Quantity of Your Customer’s Order
  • Upgrading the Products Customers Order
  • When to Upsell?
  • Questioning Techniques to Determine the Customers’ Needs
  • Gaining Commitment
Overcoming Resistance
  • Why Customers Resist?
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • How to Handle Customer Resistance
  • Clearing Up Misunderstanding
  • Dealing with Drawbacks
  • Overcoming Stalling
Setting SMART Goals and Objectives to Develop your EI
  • Identifying Personal Goals and Objectives
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan
  • Implementing the Action Plan
  • Agreeing on Effective Follow Up Processes


The foundation of our training is anchored in activity-based experiential learning. This methodology takes into consideration different learning and communication styles, and more importantly language and cultural differences. It is through active participation that the adoption and application of theory is expedited.

Our training team pays careful attention to planning and designing effective instructional methods essential for the transfer of knowledge. It is the creative skill of our management trainers and consultants that reveal untapped skills of the delegates through:

  • Group discussion
  • Individual and syndicate activities
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Audio and video evaluation
  • Action planning
  • Experiential learning games
  • Presentations

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